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Christmas Guide 2013 // Pampered Pooches

To kick off my Christmas gift guides for 2013 I’ve a slight twist…first up we’re talking pampered pooches. Now most of you will have read my Adventures with Harry (which I’ll have an update since he’s gotten so BIG) but I thought it’d be a nice change from all the beauty ideas I’ve to come. Earlier on this week I made my way to Pets At Home – I think we should have shares with how much we’ve spent since bringing him home in August. I didn’t feel as mad as I usually do when I head in to pick up hamster gifts this while buying puppy presents. Sadly this is the first Christmas I won’t have a little hammy in years, poor Chester recently passed away. Crazy hamster lady? Moving on, I’m impressed with Pet’s At Home so much recently, that I ended up getting probably too many Christmas themed toys for him though its better than buying fatty treats right? Christmas Day is coming so fast and I can’t wait to give him his toys, the little guy came with me and ended up picking out one himself. Fingers crossed when we put the living room tree up tonight it stays a Christmas tree with all decorations intact rather than Harry reenacting Elf’s tree dive. Any puppy proof Christmas tips floating around? Our friend’s 6-year-old Jack Russell still tries his best to destroy.
an image of pets at home christmas dog gifts
A fair chunk of Harry’s Christmas presents ended up to be of the soft toy variety, it’s a job to stop him taking all of them into his crate at bed time. I couldn’t resist the Medium Sized Polar Bear at £5, I know for a fact he’ll be obsessed with this particular gift all day long whether it be eating his meals with it, running around or sleeping. The next item Harry picked himself from the Buttons and Bear puppy range, I’m not entirely sure why they’ve felt the need to update and make new arrivals look like baby toys…then again I’m the one sat writing about my pup’s gifts. At £3 this Bone Rope Tugger felt sturdier than the ordinary ranges version, not forgetting looking like an actual dog toy. Rudolph landed in the basket next, the mixture of inner Christmas Elf and puppy owner clearly enjoyed buying items, and at £4 it’ll please him and help his teething because there’s only so much my toes can take. Lastly from Pets At Home came the pudding tug toy, this will keep him amused with the boys over the festive period for £6.
a photo of pets at home christmas gifts
an image of scruffy chops rhu-barking mad and marvelous conditioner
a photo of pets at home dog christmas toys
an image of westhighland terrier with christmas toy
an image of pets at home gifts
*All items purchased by myself except Scruffy Chops
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iL2L // Christmas Giveaway ft. IL2L // Lucyy Writes

I’m so excited to start off my Christmas giveaways with such a beautiful number with the help of IL2L. If you haven't heard of IL2L before they've been sat over in my right hand side bar, taking pride of place as the top advertiser on Lucyy Writes. IL2L are an online boutique providing clothing for both male and female with many well loved brands. They're best known for the high quality and volume of leather jackets stocked, fitting all budgets.  On top of the large selection of jackets they stock brands including Fiorelli - one of my most favourite affordable handbag brands, Barneys, Religion and Ted Baker. Whether you're looking for clothing or accessories this festive and gift giving season with free delivery and high quality goods then you have the site with plenty to offer that won't disappoint.
Christmas Giveaway Rules:
I hope you all are having a lovely start to the week and good luck to all of you who enter. As always thank you for supporting Lucyy Writes and I can’t wait to share more festivities with you over the coming month. Lucy xx

Hi-Tec // Illusion // Pink & Silver // Footwear Review

Fitness, something I have always tried to fit in as much as I can, which isn't always easy in my routine, especially when little Harry needs his walks 2-3 times a day along with chasing around the garden with various shoes - even what I'm about to feature end up in the 'jungle' a couple times a week. Quite a while ago Hi-Tec sent over their dupe to the Nike Free Runs (in my opinion) and I couldn't wait to get into running. Since having them for 2-3 months I feel like I can truly give them a full honest review regards to if they've held up? Have they supported my weak little feet? Would I most importantly recommend you going out to purchase them because nobody wants disappointment on their hands. Having already familiar with Hi-Tec I actually didn't realise how vast of a collection, design wise they had. I'd always associated them with strictly walking shoes and boots however they've a tonne of fitness trainers and shoes on offer. - with a lot of on trend and popular dupe designs. Hi-Tec have won countless awards with them holding the obvious outdoor footwear brand of the year. Now 30 years on their original style of shoe has sold a whopping 19 million pairs!? 
Here I have the Hi-Tec Illusion, an ultra-light trainer perfect for running, at the gym or even just for comfort which retail for £34.99 from Hi-Tec and various online retailers. I knew the trainers would be light but I didn't expect them to be THIS light with a UK8 weighing in at just 210g...I have the UK4 which obviously will be a lot lighter again. As mentioned, to me the Illusion looks inspired by the popular Nike Free Runs with shape, bright colours and logo-eqse sides -which also flip colour on the inner outside of the shoe. Running in these trainers has been as if I'm floating, you really don't feel as if you have shoes on yet they're still hugging and supporting your feet with plenty of underfoot cushioning and flexibility. If more design options were available I'd have snapped them all up, a girl needs options right? The pink, black, white and silver colour scheme work really well with the polka dot covered body AND even to the detailing of the sole, not only do we have a great grip but there's yet more pink detailing - it's the little extras that make me feel better working out.
If like me, you struggle to fit/stick to in a fitness routine with other commitments coming first then I'd recommend a pair over splashing out on the more popular and hyped up brands out there. The hot pink, female design looks so great, they're incredibly light and most importantly budget friendly. Despite having to opt for the UK4, a size bigger than my usual UK3 they fitted my teeny, narrow fit perfectly which you may need to consider when buying your own.
*PR samples for review consideration 
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Home Touches // Room Upgrade Inspiration

If you read my previous interior post, you’ll see that I mentioned about a possible room upgrade, now things aren’t set in stone but Dan’s talking about moving back out again…which means larger room for me to decorate. Those dark blue walls are calling for a much needed makeover. It’ll be a shabby chic haven just not so hobbit sized as my room now. With this it’s called for yet more shopping than I would normally do a daily basis. I’m secretly hoping in the New Year < yes I’ve become one of those wishing the year away, that he’ll have found somewhere to depart us for. I’ll add that every place has been disappointing or misleading and I’m not a mean sister really…just someone eagerly awaiting their new project.
This did contain a lot of items but they're sadly long out of stock now.

* Sponsored  collaborated content - did contain, now it doesn't.

Home Touches // with Live Laugh Love

When it comes to my fairly larger than average makeup and beauty collection I can rearrange my dressing table to the moon and back. I'm not one to settle on a single arrangement, give it a couple weeks at the most before the Muji drawers are reordered, palettes are switched up in my letter rack and new skincare takes place on my shabby chic dressing table top. Since my room is small, you'll know from previous room tours that I picked a dressing table a lot thinner than your popular Ikea number or beautifully carved, cream dresser I still long for when I get to upgrade rooms - more on that soon. The previous glass jar that sat on my dressing table, next to bottles of Bioderma is too bulky, it may have held a lot of cotton pads but it just didn't have a justified place anymore. I've now donated it to Harry's gravy bone storage.
Live Laugh Love is one of my favourite sites to browse for room inspiration and wish lists, with my new addition being one of their many beauties. They kindly sent over one of their Glass Jar's with White Ceramic Bird Lid and I can't explain how much I adore it. If you've read my room tour posts you'll see like every shabby chic lover I make sure to include the little tweets in and around my room....with them being hand painted on two pieces of furniture. At 20cm high, with a diameter of 11cm this jar still holds plenty of cotton pads, I'm afraid that's as creative as I've gotten storage wise. Though as mentioned it fits nicely on my dressing table with plenty of room for my Bioderma and sidekicks to nestle beside. I really like how well the simple ribbed glass jar pairs with the light cream top, while the bird hasn't too much intricate detailing so softly blends in yet at the same time does stand out on the dressing table!? If I had my own place then I would certainly purchase these to store kitchen ingredients in since they're so air tight but you could also sit them in your bathroom, favourite Lush items anyone? Just a side note if you're worrying about order such delicate items online you needn't worry, Live Laugh Love wrapped this piece so well, in a correctly sized box.
If you aren't familiar with Live Laugh Love I'd highly advise you to head on over to the site, they've a lot of affordable pieces starting from just a couple pounds to larger items that would be the feature of any room. The Christmas line has just arrived - cue Elf Lucy watching the site daily to see if anything else will be added before I place an order....I feel as if I MUST order this particular hanging's a dog named Harry after all!? Oh how I've missed blogging recently <3 Lucy xx
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
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