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What Camera Do You Use?
I use the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ45 for all blog photo's. I've written a blog post about the camera and set up, though things have changed in regards to extras purchased since. I'm planning to upgrade the camera this year both for blog purposes and personal. It's a great camera if you don't want to splash out. When I started LW my photo's were quite different, back then I use a little pink, point and shoot which I explain in said blog post.

Will You Be Starting Youtube?
Youtube is something I've always debated. Whilst I have a video up - a very poorly filmed and edited shoe collection from my old camera - I'll definitely want to upgrade if I venture into youtube. Editing software I used iMovie.

Are you nails real?
I used to feature NOTD's - Nail Of The Day/Week quite a lot in the past on LW. My nails are real, it took quite a while to figure out a routine to keep them long and strong. I've always enjoyed nails, nail polish and nail art though from the age of 13-14 is when I really took a shine.

Blog Design
My blog design was created by Abby, though sadly she no longer designs. In 2016 I plan on updating my design.

What do you use to edit your pictures?
I wouldn't say I edit my photo's as such, I may watermark then from time to time, add a little text and create a collage or so. I tweak them (brightness, exposure and sharpen) with Mac Preview, used Picmonkey in the past - I now prefer Canva. I use Canva for a whole host of things, not just blogging.

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