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A Beginners Guide To // Male Skincare

an image of house of fraser skincare haul
an image of house of fraser skincare haul
an image of house of fraser skincare haul
an image of house of fraser skincare haul
Today I have five spectacular skincare products to share with you, some of which I've used personally and others specifically for the men grooming. It's not just us females that benefit from a twice daily skincare routine. Men are prone to just as many issues as us, especially when you add shaving/grooming to the mix. Of course it's not just down to the products you use, you need to think about what you're putting inside yourself. It's important to have a healthy diet & drink plenty of water.

Kiehls Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel*
2 in 1 products are always popular with the males I know, again the majority of them don't have the patience to have a skincare regime as full as ours. The Kiehls Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel, not only is a mouthful to say but a great way to get your man taking his first step into creating a better grooming routine. Specially formulated for male skin, this product provides both a foaming gel shave-cream AND a foam gel cleanser. When used as a cleanser this product gently cleanses the skin and minimises the appearance of pores while also removing the surface oil due to the formula being enriched with bamboo, lemon and orange fruit extract. As for when used as a shaving cream, 
a rich lather is formed while boasting of caffeine, both vitamin C & E prepares the skin for a super smooth shave and helps to minimise any redness that may occur while grooming. If you're looking for a product to save time, hydrate and energise your skin for the 'ready to takeoff' look the Kiehls Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel is one to keep in mind.

Origins Masks To Go*
Clear Improvement, an active charcoal face mask to clear pores is available in both 100ml tube form and in four single use pods. Perfect for avoiding the 'how much do I use' or finding your tube half empty the next morning. Designed for oily and combination skin, even at my skins driest I can still use this when I want to clear my pores from pollutants, dirt and debris without my skin left feeling tight. The china white clay and active charcoal really work a miracle absorbing and dissolving away the nasties, with results that match the name of this product. House of Fraser are currently giving away two more face masks with every purchase of two or more Origins products. Thinking I'd receive two more of the same mask I was pleasantly surprised to see one pod being my favourite, Drink Up Intensive overnight mask - a highly rich and nourishing moisturiser and Out of Trouble, a 10 minute mask for problem skin. Why not apply one while you're gaming? It's worth noting that Origins also have an active Charcoal body wash in their male range if you also suffer from body acne.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser*
Kiehls appear again with yet another incredible product. Regardless of skin type you need a moisturiser. The Ultra Facial Moisturiser is more of a lotion, so light it has you wondering how an earth it works. The ultra light weight formula can be suitable for all skin types, with no worries about being shiny with excess oils and sticky residues. Formulated with Squalane, Vitamin A & E, skin is left hydrated and conditioned - even the most sensitive of skins can benefit from this moisturiser as there's no scent. Hooray!

Rituals Lip Treat Nourishing & Protective Lip Balm*
Who doesn't use lip balm? If you're looking to 'upgrade' your current lip balm I urge you to try Rituals, Lip Treat Nourishing & Protective Lip Balm. The Rituals Lip Treat & Protective Lip Balm is incredible at hydrating lips all day long. With simplistic packaging and a menthol flavour this is the perfect unisex balm. There are no preservatives in this organic Shea butter balm with vitamin E, healing Eucalyptus, repairing Chinese Camphor & an SPF of 10. If you worry about lip balms leaving a glossy residue on your lips, the kiehls Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm will be for you - though Lip Treat gets to work and does sink in quickly.

Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel 10ml*
Over the years I've tried many spot treatment gels, trying to encourage my Brother into using them as he's always struggled with persistent acne. The Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel comes in the tiniest of bottles, perfect for hiding away in the bathroom cabinet and pulled out whenever you have a little eruption before a hot date or fancy meeting. Many spot treatments not only dry out the spot but also the skin around the blemish, causing yet more issues. This gel contains Salicylic Acid which instantly helps spread healing while visibly correcting post blemish darkening. Caffeine and Red Algae make an appearance to reduce swelling and redness with their calming properties. If you're looking to curb the breakouts and keep your skin spotless, adding this little miracle into your routine will most definitely be of help as it even combats those hiding under the skin.
*This blog post is in collaboration with House of Fraser
All opinions & product recommendation 
are my own, though I do not claim to be an 'expert'
Voucher provided.


  1. I definitely think Kiehl's is the way to go for guys, it's simple, unscented and effective which is perfect for them!

    1. They have such a wonderful range on offer and really well priced for the quality! The Ultra Facial Moisturiser is one worth 'borrowing' xx


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