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The All Important Winter Coats // Newlook

I've been dying to get this post up for weeks, but the weather went crazy and decided that for the end of September and October it would be crazy hot. Thanks weather. Annoying when you've purchased boots, coats and other winter essentials and dying to wear them all & to blog about & when A/W is your favourite time of year. I still haven't worn the coats out yet. Hopefully the weather reporters are right for once and it gets freezing cold. Lucy needs to wear her coats! 

This week has flown by, I've been super busy, which stopped me posting every 3 days. I was on a role! Damn. I managed to catch up with everyone's posts. Had a lovely catch up with a friend in town, followed by a strange man staring at me while he rides his bike along, if only he had fallen off!?! & a few more weird occurrences. Still getting used to my glasses when I need them, I love them though, I love their design. I've been planning a little surprise for my friend, I'll show you after. I don't know if she reads this, so I'm not giving away clues. Managed to do a little bit of shopping, see my three year old cousin and spoil her. Finally BB is working again, it was a pain not being able to check emails and BBM when out of wifi. I've eaten way too much chocolate. Thanks Costa. Failed to go to London. Received some gorgeous surprises in the post. More to come on that soon. And got the Britney tickets for Birmingham.
I apologise in advance for the photos, I'm hardly erm posing lovely. I'm no model. My room had awful light and no long mirror. Hence why I'm stood in the next rooms bed. :P I'm still on a mirror hunt. The whole arm thing going on, didn't know what to do with itself. I included photos off the Newlook site too.
For me, it is so hard to find a winter coat normally. Every year I fuss around, nothings perfect, I hate how it looks on. I'm an idiot. Last year I lived in leather jackets till about the last month and then got a coat, which I wore twice. This year however I ended up with not one, but two coats. Both looked lovely when I tried them on. I couldn't decide, so while on a shopping trip with the mother, she bought me one and I bought the other. I adore both. Ones not so thick and heavy as the other. Perfect for as it's getting colder and then when it's warming up. I'm loving the A/W colours this year especially browns, mustard's and Burgundy. Another of my excuses of why I needed both, both were the only 6's left! Guardian angel out there somewhere. I just hope nobody gets the same. I always have that one person who always feels the need to get the exact same as me. Annoying. But that's what you get when you shop in a store that isn't one offs....& have expert taste ;)

Coat number 1 - Is a twill duffel coat in the colour Camel. They did do this in two other colours, these were a bit too bright. I wanted more neutrals so they'd go with everything. It reminds me of Paddington bear. I know it's the wrong colour, but it will still be referred to as my Paddington bear coat. This is the heaviest out the lot. Fits gorgeous. Looks even nicer in person. It has the all important toggles I wanted, I adore the fur hood and has a hidden zip. There is no way I will be getting cold this winter. Can't wait for it to get into the freezing temperatures to wear this one out.

Coat number 2 - The jersey snood coat. I had one of these last year in a cream colour, ever so cosy and warm. Yet it left fluff on everything. This year thankfully they changed the lining inside. No more fluff. And have better colours. They do two styles. One with buttons on the front and one without. Since I have one with buttons already I opted out, they really annoyed me last year. This one has two lines of poppers to do up. I love it, it comes up so high being a snood style coat. Saves me wearing one, though I'm sure when it snows I'll opt for another too. Again I picked another neutral so it can go with everything.  This is in 'mid brown' I love the simpleness of this coat. Poppers and a tie. Easy. 

The only trouble I'll have this year with coats is deciding which one to wear. I love how Newlook are super cheap for coats. I picked both up for less than one in Topshop. At the time I was looking - early September, Topshop only had the very very 'fashion' coats that to me are not fashionable. Everyone's taste is different however. Newlook has so many coats this year in gorgeous colours, some gorgeous reds and blues. 

Have you got your A/W coat or coats yet? Which coat do you prefer 1 or 2? I always love to know what people think. 

Lucy x


  1. love both the coats:) and I agree, topshop only do coats for the fashion theyre not thinking if your warm or not! I love new look at the moment they have some lovely stuff in:)xx

  2. I love these neutral coats!! I currently have a red one and find it hard to wear a lot of outfits with it! Love this post!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Oooh love them both :) the colours are perfect for A/W! xox

  4. Those are really cute! I think I like the one with the buttons on the front a little bit more but it is a close call =D I have a problem finding a decent coat as well, its really hard when you arent rich and have to buy one you know you will wear!

  5. These are both lovely, but I particularly adore the "Paddington Bear Coat" (maaaaaaybe partly because of the name you gave it!). Can't wait for colder weather and cosying up in jumpers, scarves and coats!

  6. I prefer coat one - it has to be the toggles!

  7. I really like coat number 2 :) Its quite unusual looking :) and don't worry about the glasses, you will get used to wearing them :) It took me the good part of a year to start wearing them and not to be squinting :P x

  8. Both coats are lovely but really like the first one, I love toggles on coats! Love the colours aswell, goes with everything! :)


  9. I love them both, I wouldn't ever be able to choose which one to wear! x

  10. Love those coats especially coat number 1 the fluff on the hood is cute and the buttons look awesome :) Xx

  11. ahhh really love coat number 2, looks amazeee, looks completely diff to any coat I've seen before actually, loving it x

  12. I know what you mean about people copying it's so annoying isn't it I can't seem to buy anything these days. I've seen your first coat a few times when I've been out shopping and I keep thinking will I or wont I its really pretty.


  13. I'm loving both coats but the 1st one is my favorite! I need one for this winter =)

  14. I love the second one! It's really pretty and feminine, although I'd prefer it in black or dark grey.
    I just discovered your blog and I really like it! Keep up the good work! :)


  15. i love the first coat you bought,
    I never think to buy that colour, but i think it looks lovely on you!
    I must admit i do love A/W for all the gorgeous winter wear!
    i did the same, bought a few A/W clothes and them mr sunshine thought he'd pop out!


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