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Monthly Favourites // September 2011

I know it's five days into October now and I should of put this up on the 1st October, but I'd rather of got my Room Tour up first. I won't plan to always do these posts every month, because I'm not always buying products, sometimes won't switch the products I'm using and buy more clothes. Though my monthly fashion favourites was popular. Who knows. Depends if I'm loving anything interesting!

This month I'll just mix in fashion and beauty together. Most of my favourite items have already been featured in my clothing hauls. All but one product are beauty related. 

Product number: Snow Fairy - Now you know me I'm a LUSH junkie. I've had 99% of their products. 200% know all their products. I'm the girl that received sooo much Snow Fairy last year that it kept me going all year round, well I went careful with it all, just in case. So now I've still got 3 tiny bottles and half a medium. Since I knew and heard rumours snow fairy would be coming back (I think they'd get riots of LUSH fans if they hadn't) I started using this a lot this month. It's amazing, The only shower gel to be honest I truly love from LUSH other than happy hippy. Smells all bubble gummy and sweet. Lasts all day. And pair it with snow fairy lip tint, you'll not only smell delicious you'll taste it too! This will definitely be on my Xmas list again this year. Snow fairy is me in a bottle. :P

As much as I'm dying to try a mac foundation, I refuse to pay £23 on the same amount of product my 'drugstore' gives me for half the price. With me I like to have a medium/full coverage but still look natural. I get days where I'll feel crap and fakeness makes me feel 100% better. I've had about 4 bottles of this, shows how god this product is. Maybelline Dream Satin liquid in Light Porcelain. < This may be the lightest shade. This has taken over my love for Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation I used all last winter. These two foundations I really do recommend. Especially if you have dry skin! They don't feel heavy on your skin. Never break me out, but I rarely do unless it's monthly time and that's about 2 tiny spots. (tmi) :P

Another makeup item, this month I've disowned all my false lash effect mascaras and gone back to an old favourite of last November. The Rimmel London, Max bold curves for extreme volume and lift. Love this. I was getting sick of my others. And found this in my makeup box that I'd picked up to try again back in July. It's earned my love again and shoved Rimmel's day2night mascara. I've had so many compliments while wearing this. Lasts all day. I love how it makes my eyelashes look. And I keep looking at them. ;)

Nail Polish time! I love painting my nails and I'm looking into course dates to start training. I always have to have my nails painted. I hate bare nails. In my latest haul I've purchased 3 no7 nail polishes. Two of them have made it to my favourites because I adore the shades. I know I haven't had them all month. But I adore beanie and oyster. Another favourite I've used this month is NYC Gramercy Glitz. It's gorgeous! I've been putting this over most my nail polishes. Failed to find a colour this won't go with. Another two favourites are two from MUA shade 10 and shade 23. I really do love shade 23! Shade 10 is lovely, everyone adores this one, even my Nan's loving this thanks to me! :) So cheap and such great quality as normal.

Hair products, the weathers been all over the place, even for September going into October. So to treat my hair and when I've felt pretty crap these past few weeks. I've been using my good old James Brown London, Rich Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair feels amazing after this! For an added treat again I used my LUSH American Cream, but this wasn't really needed. This stuff really does an amazing job on hair that uses a lot of heat, continues to feel soft the next day and shines. My hairs more manageable. And for anyone who has dry brittle hair, it gets your hair gorgeously soft, my mum's tried mine. She's struck by it too. I don't buy this all the time, because £7 a bottle is rather a lot. Packaging is dodgy, one leaked all out even though it was closed and stood up right. That's why I only have the one to show.

Deodorant, sort of a weird one to have, but I won all four of the new Sure deo's in a giveaway back along. I've used them all in and out of this month and love them. They're the best deodorant and scent lasts all day. I adore the blue's better than the pinks. But they all do an amazing job. Never keen on 'roll ons' but these are better than the sprays.

Next is the Body Shop's Born Lippy Lip Balm in Raspberry. This is pure amazing. Put this on your lips over night and by morning you have perfect soft lips again and they're still moisturised. Tastes great, smells even better. The pots nearly empty, just around the sides left. This is around £2. Cheap and does the job. Took over my love for carmex.

Last beauty product is the LUSH 9-5 cleanser. This is for when I'm to lazy to do my normal skin care routine. This gets every last bit of makeup off and quickly. Skin feels amazingly soft and smells good too. Very gentle. 

The only fashion favourite this month, because I've done quite a few hauls and have another little one coming by the end of the week. This has been shown on my blog before, but this month I've really loved this and worn it too death. The button on the back really annoys me it's so hard to do up and undone. Always make sure you have someone to hand or you'll be there for 5 minutes doing it up. I love the print, I love how it falls and I love the peter pan colour. And whenever I wear this everyone comments on how lovely it is. Some Newlook's may have this. It is a while back. I know they were out online when I got mine. This was about £22? It was awhile ago bare with me.

What's been your monthly favourites this month and have you tried any of mine?


  1. aaah, I love that mascara!!! :P
    Jules {click on wishlist to access}

  2. I love Snow Fairy too!

    The NYC nail polish looks really pretty as well, I'm always impressed with their polishes! xx

  3. i need to get some of the snow fairy shower gel!:)

  4. I love MUA nail varnishes - they last really well considering their price x

  5. I've never tried LUSH products but you make me want to try Snow Fairy :)

    I've used that Rimmel mascara it was pretty good, and i go rate Rimmel masacra's compared to most, i love the one in the pink bottle!!

    Love the nail varnishes you bought of course :) you made me want to go and get the grey one!!

    I'm loving the new aussie collection "take the heat" atm, it smells lussssh!!

  6. I have that foundation and its AMAZING. Definitely good if you have dry skin... My skin was dry but now its quite oily so unfortunately not so good! :( booo xx

  7. I love Beanie nail polish, it's almost identical to China Glaze Ingrid (except that has subtle gold shimmer), actually got lots of the No7 ones, good old vouchers!

  8. Lovely post! :)
    Hope you start to feel better soon!


  9. OOh love this post! I need to try more lush products! xox

  10. I recommend Mango Peach in the Body Shop lipbalm next, it's in my September favourites this month, i LOVE it!! Smells so goooodd

  11. Lovely post sweetie :) i have tagged you over on my blog:

    Let me know if you decide to do the tag xoxo

  12. that rimmel mascara is really good.
    have a nice day. :)

  13. I need to get me some more Snow Fairy! Love it so much! x
    p.s giveaway on my blog :)

  14. Such a cute top! I love these products, especially the lip balm!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  15. I'm using the Lush snow fairy and 9 to 5 at the moment they are amazing :) Xx

  16. lovely post! I'd really want to try the mascara, it seems great!

  17. The NYC varnish looks lovely :) I love Sure Deodorant, got the pink one recently when my other ran out and this has become my fave of their range :) xx

  18. Haha, fellow LUSH junkie ;)
    I loveeee the colour of that No7 grey nail polish, may have to go get some...
    i love how Snow Fairy sticks round on your skin all day, mmmm


  19. Ahhhh Snow Fairy! Can't get enough of that!


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