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Boux Avenue // Bath & Body Products in Pink Taffeta

So about a week ago I was invited to a lovely event. This event to me was heaven. For those that have followed me for a while will know I am huge underwear addict. I'm always buying underwear. I have 5 drawers bursting with it. I'd say just like some people have a lot of love for shoes, clothes or handbags, but I sort of have a love for them all. I'm a girl who likes shopping and especially underwear. If you have gorgeous underwear, you feel automatically better even on a horrid day, right? Now you can see how perfect this event of Boux Avenue's new store opening was for me! As I couldn't make it I was sent a box of goodies which was super kind of them!

Boux Avenue, isn't as huge (just yet, fingers cross they get more stores) as other rivals such as La Senza, which is my ultimate favourite and then there's Ann Summers. If you ask me underwear on the high street at the moment is lacking, it's dull, it's not that sexy or it's just the same old or I own it already. Boux Avenue are the answer, when I first came across their site during a bloggers chat, I came across so many items that I love and want. This hasn't happened for awhile.

The items I received were the following:
Pink Taffeta Body Butter - 175ml - £12
Pink Taffeta Bubble Bath - 300ml - £10
Pink Taffeta Single Soap - 125g - £5

When the products arrived, they were packed so lovely ! They came in a Boux Avenue gift box and wrapped in bright pink tissue paper! The gift boxes will come with your purchase from the company! I love it when your items are gift wrapped, it makes them feel more high end. The boxes are simple and classy. A white lid, with a black border and the simple name and website. The other half, bright pink. Oh and the bath and beauty products are currently on 3 for 2! Perfect for Christmas gifts!

Onto the products your all waiting to hear about. Every underwear company has their own range of bath products along with any other clothing store. Most of the time they're naff or over priced and disappointing. I personally think Boux Avenue have got theirs right. Some may think the prices are high, yes I wouldn't pay this for a bottle of bubble bath all the time, though I do go to LUSH and spend a fortune on bath bombs, with one use. The body butter I think is spot on for price. Most brands I use charge this. And finally the soap, I'm not a big bar of soap fan, but if you go into LUSH again, you'll end up paying similar and this comes packaged lovely and looks more expensive than it is.

The Pink Taffeta fragrance is a floral sent, not an 'old lady' floral, I'm not a big fan of heavy floral, this is perfect. This contains sensuous notes of rose, amber and peony. This is a scent that will last all day, I love how I received three of the same fragrance and how many other products there are in this range! The scent always lasts longer when you use more than one product.

Pink Taffeta Body Butter.
I'm a big fan of body butters, since I fake tan quite a bit and in the winter months to beat dry skin! Body butters are much better than regular body lotions. With the Boux Avenue body butters they contain the wonderful Shea butter & cocoa butter and are infused with silk protein. The formula of the body butter is very rich and thick. Compared to other body butters this one is a lot firmer.  Once on the skin it smooths out to leave your skin incredibly soft and velvety. Oh and you'll wake up in the morning feeling amazing. This works wonders on dry skin getting rid of it completely over night! I've never had this with a body butter, it always takes a few uses to get rid. The scent lasts yes, but for those with sensitive skin like me, it won't affect you! (Don't hold me against if your super super super incredibly sensitive) I'm just sensitive. I've even used this under my chin, no reaction. Perfect. The little dry patch vanished. This is by far the best body butter I've used. It's so good my Mum comes into my room and asks for it. She's used it every night since I received this miracle product. I best get ordering her some for Christmas! Look how simple and high end the packaging looks. I am in love with how they package their products. These will look great sitting on your dressing table.

Pink Taffeta Bubble Bath.
By far the best product out of the lot! Followers on twitter may of seen a photo a few days ago of all the bubbles this product created! I saved naming it till this post! I used the smallest amount of product and look how many bubbles were created. It was crazy. I was lost. I do love my bubbles. People thought I'd poured half a bottle in. Nope. I used such a small amount. The water became a clear but shimmery delight. You won't come out shimmering though. You'll come out smelling gorgeous and feeling so moisturised. The whole upstairs of my house smelt of this lovely scent! Heaven! Can I just come live in a Boux

Pink Taffeta Single Soap.
I haven't used this soap yet, one because it looks too nice wrapped up and I can smell it so strongly still! I'll leave it to scent some drawers for awhile and I have lots of LUSH soaps to use up! From a photo on the website, this is a plain white bar of soap with the Boux Avenue name engraved in. Simple. This will bring you frothy loveliness and the perfect partner for any bath time. The soap contains the famous silk protein again. Which will do wonders to your skin. £5 is quite a lot for a bar of soap, especially when it's only 125g, however the scent is so strong, from all these products, which I gather was mostly the soap, I could smell before I even opened the jiffy bag and the gift box inside. Not an over powering horrid strong scent. I really do love it.

Would I buy these again?
Yes! Especially when they're on 3 for 2. I wouldn't use them everyday, £12 for a bubble bath could add up, though it is wonderful. I wouldn't mind trying the hand wash, body wash and the perfume purse spray! Adding them to the never ending Christmas list. There is another scent available 'White Chiffon' which is full of fresh scents of lily, jasmine and elderflower. I am very impressed by the products. Thank you Laura for sending me such lovely products, it's a shame I couldn't attend, the store looks incredible! Have you come across this company before or used any of these products?



  1. I love Boux Avenue - they are so reasonable, and their underwear is gorgeous :). I had a sample of body cream in my order, and OMG it was stunning. So much so, I didn't see it, my mum swiped it because she loved it too! :-p lol

  2. I am definitely checking out Boux Avenue for underwear now. I am seriously bored of La Senza!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  3. the bubble bath & body butter look gorgeous! x

  4. These look good! I didn't know that they did bodycare stuff too x

  5. Great post and fab products. They do sound absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't mind adding them to my wish list too xxx

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  7. Never heard of them before but thanks for the great review! I'm obsessed with a huge bubble bath so I think I may be adding that to my Christmas List! The Body Butter sounds good too. XxxX


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