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Weekly Haul // NewLook, Jane Norman, La Senza & LUSH

I am back with my 6th weekly haul! What can I say I am a shopaholic. No meetings or help will do any difference to me. It runs in the family. Shopping certainly fixes any sickness or bad days. This week I've done quite a fair bit of shopping. Started off with a trip to my local Newlook. I thought that would be it, then yesterday I went to Bristol 'Christmas shopping' But most I won't get till Christmas. I like to pick out my own, so it fits and I love it. Who wants to return presents in the new year and waste valuable sales time shopping. It was so hard saying goodbye to most of this. I won't show you everything. I've picked a few bits I could snap a photo of before most of it got put away in the Narnia Wardrobe till December 25th. Sigh. 

First stop of this week's shopping. Newlook. I'm having a love hate with Newlook of late. It was really great. Now it seems lacking of nice clothes. Or when there are a few nice items. The 6's or 8's are out of stock. Fun. I saw the first item and wanted it immediately. I tried it on. I fitted perfectly. Last 6. Guardian angel was around again. I always moan I have no tops to wear. I have a bursting wardrobe. But you know. Fussy. I love this colour. I love the lace. It's a crop top with cropped sleeves too. The detail on the back is lovely. You could most likely get away with wearing it undone over something rather than a top. This was only £16.99 which I didn't think was too bad. Annoying how the 20% off started the next day. Always the way it happens.

Next up, occasionally I pick up a few pairs of underwear in Newlook. They do seem to have some really nice pieces in the mix and match. Shame about their other underwear sets being so shoddy. Their bras never fit properly. I'll stick to La Senza for bras. Nobody wants bad fitting bras. The offer is 3 for £7. I picked out 6 pairs. It was nice to see a pair I picked up about a year ago was back as a thong. So I picked out two of these in cream and 1 in black. They're super pretty and lacy. Then a purple lace pair, followed by a hot pink pair with lace back and another black lacy. For someone who doesn't like 'cutsey' underwear these are pretty 'cute' but the lace makes them acceptable by me.

Lastly, the accessories are by the till area, these were next to me, I need more earrings, mine keep breaking. Though I'm not keen on the surgical steel backs, I normally have silver. Let's see if these don't mess my ears up. I love bows, similar stud earrings broke this week and the flowers are cute.

La Senza time, I picked up a few pairs in their 3 for 2. I love their mix and match section. Most the time I'll have a bra they match with. They have loads of really nice Christmassy underwear for those who like it. I decided not to. Basically more lace ones and a pink glitzy pair. I've shown enough underwear on here for this post. You get cute bags and it all wrapped up still. Then put in another La senza bag. Over the years it's certainly one thing I love about La Senza, the way they package everything for you. Plus it won't go flying out on the train home. Oh and guess what by the till were two designs on nail wraps, a weird dotty pattern or pretty lace. I of course picked the lace ones. Can't wait to do a nail design with these! So cheap too and no heat needed. Hopefully they are better than the awful Fearne Cotton Nail Wraps that I have a review coming up on.

Now I won't get these till Christmas, unless it snows, lets hope it snows because I only picked these out for snow. Last year snow was coming over my little ankle boots and was slipping. So wasn't prepared. I don't like to wear Uggs normally. I went through that faze when I was at secondary school. Everyone's different. Though now I've got these. They are so comfy. The amount of fur they are lined with and I won't be slipping anywhere with these soles so anyone with 'UGGs' from other high street shops, put those away and get your hands on these, though Jane Norman only have the 7's or 8's left online. Bristol only had one size 4, a bit big for my size 3's. Though I did spot some Bearpaw boots I liked, similar soles and in black, but they only had size 10!? I've never met a woman with size 10 feet! I did however fit into Bearpaw's size 2 (in the kids section) but the soles were the awful foam bottoms. So Jane Norman won. Bit of a fur overload. But who cares. They're quite cute in their own way and so so comfy. Come on snow. Please.

My favourite time of year, you already know is Christmas, especially because I love LUSH. I've nearly had every item from the Christmas line. It's not even December yet! Somebody get me to rehab. So what did yesterdays trip include. A huge bottle of snow fairy. A small bottle of flying fox, a lil lush pud, Satsumo Santa & Northern Lights soap.

Snow fairy is my favourite shower gel ever. If not favourite scent. I am the girl who gets so much she will last all year round. Plus use the little bottles for holidays and sleeping over. With the magic wand too, that I have reviewed already, I am a real snow fairy. Look how pink the snow fairy is! I've never known snow fairy to be this bright. They all were yesterday. Good sign that it's fresh! Next up Flying Fox, not my scent, though it's very popular, if you have awful PMS then get this it's supposed to help, this is for my mum, she loves the scent. Though I might try some of this around the time of the month. I find the comforter bubble bar is amazing for PMS. I can talk about anything on my blog, doesn't bother me. Next item was this old fat thing! This has been around for many Christmas's, everyone loves him. Your bath will be bright red! And you guessed, it smells of oranges. This fella comes from a Japanese tradition of splitting a orange in half and chucking in your bath. Erm I'd rather LUSH.

Last two items from LUSH, my old time favourite, I swear I call loads my favourite, but it's super hard! This is a different scent to my normal. It is sweet, just not girly. This would be great for guys too. I love it! Matches snowcake soap. It's basically marzipan. This has been out for over 10 years. It's super popular. Pick up a Secret Santa gift set to get this and the matching soap! Perfect gift for someone. Last item is not for me, it's for my Dad, we fill a Christmas Stocking for him alongside his presents, in fact we all have one in my family, your never too old! He doesn't like to admit, but he's quite a fan of the soaps, only if I pick some up for him. So, he's still got one piece of SnowGlobe left, I did pick up a very large piece last year for him. But he'll like this scent. Then ask where it's gone half way through the year when it's used up. I want some of this for myself. It's full of lime oil.

What have you picked up this week? Who's got their Christmas shopping completed? I'm starting to wrap up gifts, I'm the elf in this house. Everyone gets me to wrap theirs up.



  1. Didn't know that New Look 20% Discount starts tomorrow, I know what I'll be doing instead of revising!

    That santa bathbomb looks so cute as well!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. very jealous of all your new purchases, I am loving them all! X

  3. oooh love your new purchases! I am the same shopping wise, think I at least have to buy something every day aha :| but! we are helping this economy ;)xxx

  4. I live on snow fair throughout the whole year to! I used to work at lush so stocked up on the stuff!.

  5. Amazing purchases!!! I've got my eye on a dress in new look at the mo, thanks for the heads-up!


  6. Fab post hun and great purchases :)

  7. aw, what lovely buys! I'm off in to Bristol today for some "Christmas" shopping!

  8. You bought some lovely things! Snow Fairy is probably my favourite scent too, I always have to stock up over Christmas time! xx

  9. Aww wow you bought some lovely things! I love the underwear and earrings from New Look and also the La Senza Nail Wraps. The Lush stuff sounds yummy too! Wow you really are a shopaholic! You must be my secret twin or something!! XxxX

  10. Great purchases! :)

    xx Jessica

  11. Great Lush haul! :) x

  12. Fab haul :)

    I've just placed an order on the Lush website for Xmas gifts, obviously I snook one or two things in for myself!

    Can't wait to receive them xx

  13. @Allie Haha, shoppings okay when theres a sale ;)
    @Char :D thanks, can't wait to wear them all
    @Confessions.... I'm using that as my next excuse ;)
    @MakeupMeow I want to work there so bad!
    @Jules you are quite welcome!
    @Kristin Thankyou lovely :)
    @daisychain have fun! I love the christmas market
    @emily thankyou lovely
    @Sian mine too :D It's so good!
    @second hand rose haha I must be! :D
    @Jessica Thankyou :)
    @Evelyn thankyou, it smells yum ;)
    @xXxStundonxXx Cant wait to see what you have :)

  14. im definitely heading to lush soon to pick up a hefty haul of bath bombs!

  15. Ahh I love Snow Fairy too - best smell ever! I could use you over here, I love the shopping, hate the wrapping!x

  16. I love your hauls :)
    how do you still have money this time of year??
    i'm actually broke!
    Love everything you've bought, the earring from new look are so cute,
    and i'm loving the boots from jane norman, they never had anything like that when i used to work there, its typical, they sell alot of nice stuff atm, and i miss getting free jane norman shopping bags!hehe!

  17. Great haul, love the New Look top and all the Lush stuff! Love the nail wraps too, look forward to seeing how you get on with them xx

  18. Love the lacy undies..i spent £46 in new look as they had a great underwear sale


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