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Elemis // Skin Clear Treatment Gel

For the past month this petite white tube has been my 'holy grail product'. Elemis is a brand I often see blogged about, though being the skincare nut I am, I hadn't actually ventured that way. I'm definitely not the worst acne sufferer, but I do have horrendously stubborn hormonal breakouts. My usual Lush Grease Lightening stopped working a long time ago, the second bottle seemed to lose strength rapidly. With my breakouts being hormonal rather than due to my skin type I can't always prevent them, they have a mind of their own, however spot treatments like Elemis Treatment Gel are perfect.

Elemis Fresh Skin Clear Skin consists of nine products all containing combinations of hardworking natural ingredients for blemish and oiliness prone skin, concentrating on teens to twenties, though this product remains suitable for anyone in my book. Whilst containing powerful ingredients such as salicylic acid all formula's remain gentle on the skin. This anti-blemish treatment helps reduce breakouts without drying and tightening your skin. Along with salicylic acid, zinc and vitamin A remain important ingredients to de-clog pores, balance and cleanse skin.

The Treatment Gel is a lot thinner than I expected, a little of the clear gel goes a very long way to fighting those pesky spots. Usually I'll only apply this gel at night time, though I'll sometimes use throughout the day if needed - maximum of three times. A small dab of product onto your hand, then apply with a different finger per blemish...hygiene freak Lucy. Unlike other spot treatments on the market there's no burning, swelling and redness are reduced. I find the gel cooling when I apply and of course extremely effective banishing blemishes and healing. For instance I went to bed with a pretty large spot, lets just say it was big enough for my family to notice it was gone in the morning. Barely a bump was left behind. Will I continue to purchase the product? Most definitely, Elemis' Skin Clear, Treatment Gel has earned a permanent place on my dressing table and skin care routine.
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  1. This sounds lovely! I've been using the Effaclar duo but it's broken me out quite a lot, I was hoping it was just a purging stage but it doesn't look like it! I'll have to try this out if I eventually give up on it. xo

  2. I almost bought this a while ago. I'm a big Elemis fan but haven't tried any of the Fresh Skin collection. The thing that stopped me buying it though was the high amount of Alcohol Denat which really aggravates my skin and breaks me out further :(

  3. This stuff sounds brilliant! I'm going to have to add it to my wishlist :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. I started using this yesterday, I hope it works as well for me! x

  5. This sounds good, and I've been wanting to give some Elemis skincare a go. I have pretty good skin, but recently I can't seem to get my chin to stay blemish free - one disappears and up pops another! Will have alook for this next time I allow myself to shop!
    Mel xx


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