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Lush // Rudolph Fresh Face Mask review

I've always been fond of the Lush Fresh Face Masks, in fact they were one of the first few products I actually tried. My first experience with Lush consisted of two bath ballistics by the name of Champagne Supernova and their famous Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. Despite this mask not working for me, it encouraged me to try out a few others before I stepped into their full skincare range finding some absolute gems. Over the last few years I've wondered if Lush would actually create a festive face mask to accompany the two cleansers Buche De Noel and Let The Good Times Roll (which is now permanent, no need for me to actually rush out and grab a tub now). This has been the most requested since posting my Lush haul last Saturday, I'll admit it was the first I wanted to get testing too! I've been applying every other night since as a pick me up. I've been feeling SO run down and my skin is now paying the price along with how ridiculously freezing it's gotten all of a sudden making my dry skin go CRAZY.
a photo of lush rudolph face mask 2013
a photo of rudolph lush face mask
When it comes to picking my Lush face mask I head towards smoother, blended and usually clay based masks over the fair few rough and oaty formula's on offer. Rudolph sits in between both categories, containing oatmeal, tofu, organic lavender oil and cucumber. The mask remains easy to apply, though you still get a little mess come application so using your fingers is your best option rather than a flat foundation brush. You really don't need much of this mask, in fact I'm surprised with how little I've used from using every other day this week. I'm about a third through the tub though I did squish the novelty jelly 'nose' Lush added in to make this the 'Rudolph' face mask, no fun in the bathroom mirror for me or festive Instagram shot. Not only is this mask packed with soothing, nourishing and calming benefits but it smells incredible thanks to the organic lavender oil, fresh cucumber and extra virgin coconut oil. This mask is primarily aimed at those who have dry, sensitive skin I'd go as far to say combination skin would benefit from the balancing properties and gentle exfoliation come removal.
a photo of Lush rudolph face mask
a photo of lush rudolph face mask
Rudolph Fresh Face Mask retails for £5.50 and can be purchased online at Lush or in your local Lush store. Remember to save those black Lush pots, clean them up and return five for a free face mask - a free chunk of Christmas Lush!! I've 10 pots to take back when I'm passing where I'll be exchanging for two more while they're around. My redness and stubborn dryness around my nose are reducing rapidly thanks to this 5-10 minute treat. If you're reading this AFTER the season and sale then Oatifix or Brazened Honey are great dupes. Have you picked one up yet? Lucy xx


  1. This sounds absolutely amazing. I'm on a mission to try all their face masks so I'll pick this up when I'm finished with my current one.

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I love that it comes with a little red Rudolf nose. So cute! Does the nose serve an actual function or is it just there for show?

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  3. I'm yet to try a face mask from Lush, but this one sounds really good! My skin has been dryer than normal recently :)xo

  4. This sounds lovely, I haven't used a lush facemask in ages! Kind of miss them now


  5. This mask is soooo cute that it comes with a jelly nose! Looks great though.i love all of their christmas lines! xx

  6. What is the jelly nose for exactly? Great post by the way ;D xx

  7. Oh Gosh, this is a dangerous review. I'm definately going to go without the Starbucks in favour of this!


  8. Ooh I love all your Lush posts! I have put so many of your recommendations on Birthday and Christmas lists! I love they include his little red nose. Lush Christmas stuff are gorgeous! XxxX

  9. need need. this sounds just right for my temperamental skin which has also gone crazy due to drop in temperature. i will make sure i don't squash the novelty nose :O


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