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Hi-Tec // Illusion // Pink & Silver // Footwear Review

Fitness, something I have always tried to fit in as much as I can, which isn't always easy in my routine, especially when little Harry needs his walks 2-3 times a day along with chasing around the garden with various shoes - even what I'm about to feature end up in the 'jungle' a couple times a week. Quite a while ago Hi-Tec sent over their dupe to the Nike Free Runs (in my opinion) and I couldn't wait to get into running. Since having them for 2-3 months I feel like I can truly give them a full honest review regards to if they've held up? Have they supported my weak little feet? Would I most importantly recommend you going out to purchase them because nobody wants disappointment on their hands. Having already familiar with Hi-Tec I actually didn't realise how vast of a collection, design wise they had. I'd always associated them with strictly walking shoes and boots however they've a tonne of fitness trainers and shoes on offer. - with a lot of on trend and popular dupe designs. Hi-Tec have won countless awards with them holding the obvious outdoor footwear brand of the year. Now 30 years on their original style of shoe has sold a whopping 19 million pairs!? 
Here I have the Hi-Tec Illusion, an ultra-light trainer perfect for running, at the gym or even just for comfort which retail for £34.99 from Hi-Tec and various online retailers. I knew the trainers would be light but I didn't expect them to be THIS light with a UK8 weighing in at just 210g...I have the UK4 which obviously will be a lot lighter again. As mentioned, to me the Illusion looks inspired by the popular Nike Free Runs with shape, bright colours and logo-eqse sides -which also flip colour on the inner outside of the shoe. Running in these trainers has been as if I'm floating, you really don't feel as if you have shoes on yet they're still hugging and supporting your feet with plenty of underfoot cushioning and flexibility. If more design options were available I'd have snapped them all up, a girl needs options right? The pink, black, white and silver colour scheme work really well with the polka dot covered body AND even to the detailing of the sole, not only do we have a great grip but there's yet more pink detailing - it's the little extras that make me feel better working out.
If like me, you struggle to fit/stick to in a fitness routine with other commitments coming first then I'd recommend a pair over splashing out on the more popular and hyped up brands out there. The hot pink, female design looks so great, they're incredibly light and most importantly budget friendly. Despite having to opt for the UK4, a size bigger than my usual UK3 they fitted my teeny, narrow fit perfectly which you may need to consider when buying your own.
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