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Christmas Guide 2013 // Pampered Pooches

To kick off my Christmas gift guides for 2013 I’ve a slight twist…first up we’re talking pampered pooches. Now most of you will have read my Adventures with Harry (which I’ll have an update since he’s gotten so BIG) but I thought it’d be a nice change from all the beauty ideas I’ve to come. Earlier on this week I made my way to Pets At Home – I think we should have shares with how much we’ve spent since bringing him home in August. I didn’t feel as mad as I usually do when I head in to pick up hamster gifts this while buying puppy presents. Sadly this is the first Christmas I won’t have a little hammy in years, poor Chester recently passed away. Crazy hamster lady? Moving on, I’m impressed with Pet’s At Home so much recently, that I ended up getting probably too many Christmas themed toys for him though its better than buying fatty treats right? Christmas Day is coming so fast and I can’t wait to give him his toys, the little guy came with me and ended up picking out one himself. Fingers crossed when we put the living room tree up tonight it stays a Christmas tree with all decorations intact rather than Harry reenacting Elf’s tree dive. Any puppy proof Christmas tips floating around? Our friend’s 6-year-old Jack Russell still tries his best to destroy.
an image of pets at home christmas dog gifts
A fair chunk of Harry’s Christmas presents ended up to be of the soft toy variety, it’s a job to stop him taking all of them into his crate at bed time. I couldn’t resist the Medium Sized Polar Bear at £5, I know for a fact he’ll be obsessed with this particular gift all day long whether it be eating his meals with it, running around or sleeping. The next item Harry picked himself from the Buttons and Bear puppy range, I’m not entirely sure why they’ve felt the need to update and make new arrivals look like baby toys…then again I’m the one sat writing about my pup’s gifts. At £3 this Bone Rope Tugger felt sturdier than the ordinary ranges version, not forgetting looking like an actual dog toy. Rudolph landed in the basket next, the mixture of inner Christmas Elf and puppy owner clearly enjoyed buying items, and at £4 it’ll please him and help his teething because there’s only so much my toes can take. Lastly from Pets At Home came the pudding tug toy, this will keep him amused with the boys over the festive period for £6.
a photo of pets at home christmas gifts
an image of scruffy chops rhu-barking mad and marvelous conditioner
a photo of pets at home dog christmas toys
an image of westhighland terrier with christmas toy
an image of pets at home gifts
*All items purchased by myself except Scruffy Chops
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.

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  1. Aww such a lovely idea! I don't have any pets but I think they'd be spoilt rotten! X


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