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Not a day goes by without me spending the majority of my free time scouring my favourite sites for small decorative pieces to add the final touches to my space, but it's never 'final' with me. Towards the end of last year (yes, still feels odd) a few pretties arrived on my doorstep from one of my favourite interior/shabby chic companies - Live Laugh Love, I've featured another beautiful addition on LW here. All featuring around votive and tea light candles it gave me the perfect excuse to head into town for a few Yankee Candle goodies to fill them all. With the Yankee Candle store being a let down I settled with Snowflake Cookie tea lights from Clinton's - I also received the large jar candle for Christmas to keep me going.
an image of live laugh love candle holders
Inside packaged tightly in bubble wrap sat four beautiful candle holders, my favourite being the 'Pink Votive Holder' retailing for just £3.95. Being a votive holder it's been the perfect fit and excuse to finally get around to burning my beloved Kringle Candle Daylight Candles - Daylight candles are giant tea light candles, encased in plastic..something I've always been dubious to burn because I lack pretty holders to protect my surfaces! I adore the simple 'bubble' lustre detailing to this holder, the not overly metallic finish and how gorgeous it glows in the evening.
an image of pink lustre candle holders
My next favourite is the fanciest of the four, this fluted glass holder has been decorated with a diamante gem retailing for £3.95. Again, I'm impressed with how affordable the entire selection of holders are on Live Laugh Love, usually I'd expect to pay a lot more for something not even close to how special these are.
an image of antique gem candle holder
We've had the prettiest and fanciest now we have the smallest holder of them all. This cute antique glass bulbous tea light holder retails for £2.95, just tall enough to cover the height of my Snowflake Cookie tea light. If you aren't into burning candles this particular holder would be perfect for keeping stud earrings safe by your bedside.
an image of bulbous candle holder
My last product to share comes in at a teeny tiny, purse friendly £1.95, making the previous holder look overpriced regarding size! Still as the second smallest of the bunch, this aged effect glass holder again is big enough to hold one tea light snug. The brushed metal print gives out such a warm, inviting glow to the room, even when burning on its own.
an image of shabby chic candle holder
Things are also looking up for the interior junkie in me, Dan's moving out very soon which means I'll at long last be able to nab the bigger bedroom for a few more years. A lot of purchases will be made on my favourite sites I'm sure, I'm looking forward to a blank canvas and more space to store my excessive beauty products. Lucy xx
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  1. They're pretty, I love the mercury glass feel, and must be pretty with the different flickers of light :)

  2. Those are sooo pretty! Love the look of them


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