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Until ordering my brother a few pieces to take to his new 'bachelor pad' I hadn't really been a fan of Ikea. Now I've well and truly been swept up into the Ikea hype. So while needing a new bed for my bedroom switchover I opted for the Hemnes Day Bed which provides a single, double, sofa and plenty of storage. When pulling out the bed to convert into a double, you pull the entire drawer unit as this is topped with slats, giving a sneaky peak at the contents before putting your other mattress on. The three drawers hold so much stuff, with one drawer for my excessive amount of sleep (front) and lounge wear (back box) (divided between two of my old Paris storage boxes), another for out of season items - I've already packed away all my winter accessories in hope that it warms up, while the last holds sentimental items, old yearbooks & sketchbooks & the odd handbag. I know I touched photographed a few items in a previous post regarding how I sleep better...I just didn't go into enough detail or where some items were from.

I had my doubts about the bed due to not seeing it in person before and reading many conflicting reviews. Living at home I decided to opt for this daybed for more storage and space rather than filling up a good chunk of the room with a bed. When I need a double I have it, with the rest of the time a perfectly comfy single, sofa and a lot of extra floor space. I wriggle A LOT and I still wake up on the bed rather than the floor :p If you're to use the bed as a double, you need two mattresses with the Malfors foam turning out incredibly inexpensive and ridiculously comfy together or alone. If they still make this bed when it comes to my turn of moving out I'd definitely buy another for guests!

To dress up my daybed I decided to drop the fairy lights I had planned, leaving the top bar plain and stick to pretty cushions, blankets and bedding. Sick of my pink floral cushions (I've also included) I decided to place a H&M order since they always have discount codes. The only problem with H&M is their delivery surprise, it's incredible slow and lacks a lot of detail. Eventually my parcel arrived when I was out one day, chucked over my garden wall...also containing a candle that thankfully didn't smash. I fell in love with an oriental tile patterned cushion before teaming with a white cover with frilled edge and a grey canvas cover that's also beige on the other. I've spotted a lot of their designs or as similar in Asda's - George Home's latest collections. Blankets I briefly touched on in my previous post, who can resist a fluffy blankets or two. Lastly, bedding wise I've chucked out all my old to make way for three new sets. While ordering the bulky items I added in a couple bedding sets from Ikea. Each set comes with four pillows, something not every double offers. Here you can see my favourite of the three, linked below are my textured white from ikea and bird print from Asda!? Great find Mama Writes!
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  1. I really love this bed and want it for the spare bedroom but I don't think it would fit as we have a stupid slope ceiling due to the attic conversion :(

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. Oh no, how annoying!! It just wouldn't be the same if you chopped the edges off :P xx

  2. When I get my own house soon, I'll be kitting it out with Ikea, I have to get this bed in double too, all the storage space too.

    x x x

    x x x

  3. I have this bed and I love it. My sister and I bought one each as we used to share a room and were fed up of our bunk beds. The drawers are huge and carry a lot of stuff which is great - especially when I moved to the box room. My only issue with it though it that I bought the foam mattresses so I could pull it out to a double and they don't fit, do you have this problem? :( maybe this is because I have carpet and not wood floor though. Who knows?!
    Your bedroom looks lovely btw.

    Maddie -


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