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Lush Valentine's Day Collection // 2015

We haven't even finished the large amount of sweets and chocolates left from Christmas & Lush have already released their Valentine's Day Collection for 2015. Last year I shared a blog post with my overall thoughts on the collection and whether or not I'd be purchasing. In the end I didn't make a single purchase. However this year the collection looks far more exciting and contains one product I've been lusting after since seeing Lush Japan launch the limited edition treat last year. There are a couple of products returning but plenty more new exciting treats I'm sure you'll all want to get your hands on. I'm also hoping they bring back Ex Factor on Lush Kitchen which is Butterball bath bomb dressed up for the 'holiday'.
an image of lush valentines day collection 2015
Heart Throb bubble bar
Heart Throb is the first newbie to the collection this year and one I'm really wanting to try. The heart shaped macaroon takes on a squishier formula that makes it a 'bubbleroon' all of which I'm very fond of as the three on offer all year round are ever so nourishing. This red number contains skin softening Shea Butter and carries the ever so delicate fragrance of the African Paradise body conditioner. 

Lonely Heart bubble bar
Another new addition for us this year is Lonely Heart bubble bar. This little heart is covered in golden lustre with a passionate red bar peeping through. Not only will this bubble bar turn your waters into a shimmering red, but your bathroom will no doubtfully be filled with the uplifting fragrance of lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

Unicorn Horn bubble bar
Unicorn Horn seems to be the item Lush fans are most excited for and who can blame them. The multi-coloured bubble bar promises a magical bath time while remaining vegan friendly & self-preserving. Fragranced with beautiful Neroli oil, calming Lavender oil, sweet Ylang Ylang oil while the rainbow swirl is decorated with sparkling lustre, colourful candies and rainbow swirls.

Floating Flower bath bomb
A new bath bomb to this years Valentine's collection is Floating Flower & one product going on my to buy list. The tri-coloured bath bomb contains sensual essential oils of Ylang Ylang oil, Cypress oil & Jasmine Absolute. I've seen so many videos from Lush stores on Instagram and it looks fantastic with such bright & uplifting colours filling your tub.

Love Locket bath bomb
Returning for its second year in a row is Love Locket which obviously was very popular though I did read & watch just as many negative reviews. At almost £7 it's a bath bomb I hope you can multiple uses from since when you crack open your locket you'll find a miniature heart inside as well as plenty of heart confetti and lustre's. Scented with Vanilla absolute, Jasmine absolute and Neroli oil it's one to buy for your sweetheart.

Prince Charming shower gel
While some of you may be mourning over Snow Fairy going into hibernation until the end of the year there's really no need for it. Prince Charming is back in all his sweet pink glory. He may not be as sickly sweet as the liquid candyfloss but with a blend of Almond oil, Marshmallow Root and Pomegranate Juice he'll leave your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine.

Cupid's Love soap
Cupid's Love soap is one to pop in store to see. The adorably designed soap carries an uplifting and very fruity fragrance of Bergamot and Rosewood whilst fresh figs, soya yogurt and passion fruit juice look after skin, leaving skin soft, silky and nourished. Having loved the rich, creamy lather of Yog Nog soap at Christmas this may be one to stock up on to take us through until summer.

The Kiss lip gloss
If you haven't tried this lip gloss from previous years you really must head into your local Lush store - I have several back ups in sat in my drawer. As someone who isn't a fan of lip gloss usually this gives lips a subtle pink sheen without being overly sticky while hydrating and nourishing them. The formula has fair trade Shea & Cupuaca butters with Guarana seed powder as an natural skin-plumper.

The Kiss lip scrub
How many more lip scrubs can Lush create I hear you ask? Arriving for Valentine's Day 2015 is The Kiss lip scrub to accompany The Kiss lip gloss. Usually I skip over the scrubs since my pot of Bubblegum lip scrub lasts a lifetime though if I'm passing by the store something tells me I won't be able to leave without one. Along with the usual lip scrub ingredients there is Sicilian Mandarin Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter and fine Sea Salt making this scrub the perfect sweet yet salt treat to get those lip mighty who can resist the adorable hearts & sprinkles they've packed in.

Since I'm still waiting on my Boxing Day order to arrive & I'm dying to get a haul post up with the success of last years, I won't be purchasing any just yet. Yes, even the Unicorn Horn's. What will you be picking up? Lucy xx
*product images used belong to Lush, 
then edited by myself. Not sponsored.


  1. I do like the Prince Charming Shower Gel but not so sure about the others. I can't move as it is at the moment for Lush products at home! Stephen :o)

  2. Lush do some of the best collections, I certainly will be trying a few of these x


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