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The No-Bump Bobble // Review

an image of The No-Bump Bobble review
an image of The No-Bump Bobble review
an image of The No-Bump Bobble review
They say the best things come in small packages. Just before Christmas I received a selection of hair accessories from blogger owned The No-Bump Bobble, a snag and bump free bobble that is kind to our hair. If you're anything like myself you'll know just how annoying it is to get your hair perfectly straight before needing to tie it up out of the way and then having a huge bump & many knots to battle with later on. Each and every bobble has been handmade from the silkiest and softest material which comes in such a large array of designs.

Able to pick five bobbles I planned to create my own dreamy theme. In the end I went for a mix of vibrant shades & patterns. Having been sick for the last few days, it's been lovely to get that hair out of the way with such happy designs. The bands all vary in stiffness especially the glitter and lace options. First up we have the Red Lace bobble which retails for just 70p, it's been glued to my wrist or hair over the Christmas period. The White Glitter (70p) was another I couldn't resist considering the time of year I picked out my selection. This band is the stiffest of the selection, I can't see it ever losing its shape nor has it lost any glitter. Another glittery number was the Pink & Silver glitter bobble (70p) which looks so pretty when the light catches. The Mint Green & Pink Polka Dot bobble is perfect for spring/summer and retails for slightly less at 60p. Lastly...despite having entered my twenties I couldn't resist the Lilac Disney Princess bobble (60p).

If you hate having to tie your hair back with regular bands kinking or pulling your hair, I highly recommend replacing with The No-Bump Bobble style bands. Having used a few brands over the last couple of years I can safely say no other brand comes close to TNBB, there's not a collection as vast or wonderful. On top of the bobbles you'll also find thin headbands as well as Pom Poms to brighten up your bags or keys. Have you heard about The No-Bump Bobble? My hair is SO much happier and healthier with them and you really must check out just how large the collection is. Lucy x
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  1. Oh wow these look gorgeous and amazing! I'll definitely be trying these out :)

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  2. I would love to try these! I have such long hair so usually tie it up for work but it's so frustrating when I have straightened it and it's all kinky after using a regular bobble! They are so pretty too!



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