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Lush // Hoppity Poppity review

With so much going on I'm a little late for the Lush Easter bandwagon though I was still eagerly counting down the days until the launch day. At long last I finally made it to my local Lush store to grab a couple items I daren't miss out on trying, you can find the Spring Lush Haul. In that haul I mentioned the item I wanted to try the most was the small bunny who goes by Hoppity Poppity & retails for £2.50.
an image of lush hoppity poppity review
an image of lush hoppity poppity review
an image of lush hoppity poppity review
Despite receiving mixed feedback on the Lush website they seemed to be selling well in my local Lush store. Two factors seem to be effecting this bath bomb, the fragrance and how quick it fizzes. Hoppity is a lot smaller than regular bath bombs, he also feels more powdery. Fragrance wise the scent won't be for everyone though I think compared to their much stronger scents this one would be more favourable to the majority. Described as a fresh herby fragrance by Lush I'd agree. We're reminded of Grass, Ultraviolet and The Boog (2010?), though not as strong & a little sweeter thanks to containing lime oil with lavender absolute and violet leaf absolute. 

The bath bomb fizzed within a minute, proving quite hard to snap photo's of. Dissolving so fast I couldn't really tell if he had much popping candy. This didn't bother me, as although he fizzed so quick he didn't leave the water as dull as expected with waters now a milky pink which left my skin feeling smooth and nourished. The scent also stuck around until the morning, the entire house smelt incredible when my Dad arrived in last night and bathroom when we all woke up this morning. If you're looking for something to put a little bounce back into your step I'd stock up on a few Hoppity Poppity's this Spring. Have you tried Hoppity yet? Lucy xx
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  1. This is so cute, I need to try and get my hands on some lush stuff. I missed the Christmas and the mothers day collections as my nearest lush is about a 45 minute train ride away. I need to get my bum in gear!

    1. He's adorable isn't he, I'm looking forward to using the other I picked up. Oh god, we went crazy in the Christmas sale so I missed Valentines! I hope you get there in time.


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