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Products I've Used Up // #1

an image of products ive used up in april
an image of products ive used up in april
an image of products ive used up in april
Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub*
If a product is coconut scented there's a 200% chance I'm going to love it and that's exactly how I feel about Odylique's Coconut Candy Scrub. Having rediscovered it back along I was using it sparingly until this week where I decided to use it all up and repurchase ready for summer. If you're familiar with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush, you'll love the texture of this scrub. A very thick, exfoliating scrub which smells absolutely divine - think Coconut Ice Cream and 100% natural.

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control
For the best part of a year I've been an avid user of the Mitchum Ultimate, 48 hour protection in Pure Fresh. Recently I've found it to not be so ...err effective so I grabbed the Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant in Stress Control, if I start panicking I get SO ridiculously hot...attractive. Deodorant wise I've been quite impressed with it, the scent isn't as nice as Pure Fresh & I wish it wasn't so white mark prone.

Lush So White shower gel 250g
Having gone a little crazy in the Lush Christmas sales we've had Lush shower gels lying about everywhere with several scents taking place in the bathroom. So White is my absolute favourite from last years line, it's perfect for the morning with it's fresh apple & rose fragrance. Thankfully we have two 500g bottles waiting to be opened, fingers crossed this shower gel returns for 2015.

Lush Hot Toddy shower gel 100g
Hot Toddy won the hearts of the entire family with it's warming aroma of cinnamon and ginger. The red shower gel contains gold lustre which luckily doesn't transfer onto the skin...otherwise we'd have a couple annoyed males. We have a couple more 500g and 100g bottles to get us through until the winter collection launches again.

Impulse True Love body fragrance
I don't usually touch body sprays, but apparently I had one lying around? I stick to EDT & EDP on a daily basis and had left the body sprays behind in school day memories. Scent wise this was a nice refresh and smelt pleasant. It's not something I'd rush out and buy with a drawer full of perfumes to make my way through.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin concealer in Light
For the best part of a year this has been the only concealer I've used and repurchased. Despite being a loyal fan of the brand from my early teens I hadn't actually tried one of their concealers until the launch of Better Skin, where I also picked up the accompanying foundation. The concealer doesn't cake on my dry skin & covers every imperfection & blemish.

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towels
If there were a crown for the worlds worst product these facial wipes would win it hands down. I added a packet to an online beauty order last year, just before the Yes To range became stocked in Boots. After using a few they got shoved away ready for a bashing post one day on LW. While sorting the other day I found the pack, all dried out and yet to be reviewed. Both myself and my Mum hated these wipes, they even caused us to have reactions. How the brand is SO popular I'll never understand. 

Lush Fizzbanger bath bomb
Fizzbanger was a recent purchase while picking up the Lush Easter collection. I've cheated with this one as I personally didn't use it but I did RUN the bath and chuck this guy in. The bright yellow bath bomb has been a favourite of mine since it launched quite a few years ago, I think I may have even been at school!? Inside you'll find popping candy and surprise colours which provide such a fun, relaxing experience and of course a true pamper. If you're looking for a Snow White fix you'll most likely enjoy Fizzbangers scent.

Lush Hoppity Poppity bath bomb
The cutest item from Lush's recent Easter collection, Hoppity Poppity. Having read mixed reviews I was impressed with the little guy. From what looks like a dull bath....he actually turned the water into a milk pink, supposedly has popping candy and has the freshest of scents to appeal to almost everyone.

Lush Golden Egg bath bomb-melt
Another item I recently reviewed on LW is Golden Egg, I really enjoyed the sweet toffee fragrance it carries and have purchased both years its made an appearance. It makes for such a luxurious bath time since it uses both bath bomb and bath melt properties. If you can still get these in your local store I urge you to stock up.

Lush Lord of Misrule bath bomb
If I could only ever use one Lush product it'd be this guy. Lord of Misrule really is the superior of all Lush bath bombs. Only appearing at Halloween & Christmas he's one bath bomb I wished I'd stocked up on more. Alas I managed to grab a couple in the sales and use them for when I need an extra special pick me up. Looking at this guy you wouldn't think your waters would soon turn into a deep purple-red? If he returns this year I urge you to buy as many as you can carry...twice over.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Another product I'm essentially cheating with but have used myself...Having placed an order in December for various The Body Shop gift sets, I received their Vitamin E Cream for free. I passed it onto my Mum knowing how much she loves the range and little did I know that I would love it too. We're always flitting from each others dressing tables and sharing products. As much as I need moisture I hate thick facial moisturiser and find this one to be light weight, almost gel like and ever so soothing.
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  1. I love Lush shower gels. I'm using Happy Hippy right now and it smells like lemon. I feel so clean after :)

    1. I love Happy Hippy, the consistency is much thicker than most of their shower gels and SO fresh! x

  2. i love that you've stocked up on hot toddd hahah. I need to start using mine but I only bought the one </3 x


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