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Happy Birthday Mollie // featuring Urban Pup

Today sees our littlest West Highland Terrier (Mollie) turn one. I can't believe how fast it's flown by. This time last year I would never have thought we'd have two of the most caring doggies running around the house. Seeing Harry have a little friend to play with 24/7 has been incredible, not to mention helping us get through an exceptionally hard year. You can find our Meet Mollie post here.
an image of Urban Pups Dog Harness Review
Now despite it being Mollie's birthday where we usually spoil them rotten, because lets face it who else treats their dogs like people? She's actually recovering from being spayed, which took three attempts. The first, Mollie came into season. The second, we dropped Mollie off, before having to go pick her up because she still had milk. Finally, the third attempt was good and she's been a little super star with very little fuss and no reaction to the medicines. The complete opposite to Harry, though we have found out she'll be needing to have future surgery, a completely different matter but something I'm planning on documenting on LW. 

With all this in mind, she obviously has to stay calm, impossible if you're a tough little pup. With a ridiculous amount of toys and treats, not to mention the two toys she had for having the operation we decided to treat her to some homemade Pupcakes, another hoodie & a pretty new harness from Urban Pup. If you haven't heard of Urban Pup, they're an online retailer of dog accessories & clothes. 
an image of homemade peanut butter cupcakes
Both Harry & Mollie wear harnesses daily, we use the 'mesh' style harnesses for comfort and ease. We usually pick them up in Pets At Home due to the ease of knowing their sizing, though the quality has significantly reduced recently. Each harness is edged with a 'reflective' material, which the stitching seems to pull away from easily. Having spotted the range of harnesses on Urban Pup earlier this year we finally placed that all important order on Monday morning, with it arriving yesterday in perfect time for little ones birthday. Urban Pup also win points for their adorable pink packaging.

Mollie's harnesses features in their Patterned Dog Harnesses section (£16.95), a soft mesh harness with a pretty design sewn over the front. Harry's harness is from the Active Mesh range (£12.95), which features brightly coloured edging. Both the Vintage Rose Floral Harness and Active Mesh Neon Blue Harness are of such high standards, the materials used are much thicker. The sizing was completely true to the size guides they give & the quality of the clips are much sturdier than their current. I can't wait to hear the compliments on their walks, this harness style is always a talking point.

Whilst the harnesses retail for a little more than the ones we previously were buying, we'll be using Urban Pup for their future harness needs. The tartan options are definitely next on the list. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: All own purchases


  1. Dog's birthdays are better than humans, I always buy more presents for my dog than anybody else! The harnesses are so cute.. What breed is Mollie? Just wondering for size reference as I really want to get one for Bella! Also pupcakes, this takes guilt free baking to a whole new level 😜

    Ruby xoxo

    1. Thanks Ruby! Glad I'm not the only one :P I think I'll pop up a recipe for the Pupcakes, totally human friendly.

      Mollie is a Westie, but quite a small westie - she weighs around 7.2kg. In the Urban Pup Harnesses she works out to be a Medium, whilst her Pets at Home harnesses she wears an XS. Harry is 11.2kg and wears a Large harness from Urban Pups, whilst a Medium in Pets at Home. Clothing wise (hoodies, coats and jumpers) Mollie is a Small in Pets at Home, and Small-Medium in Urban Pups. Harry wears a Medium and one Large from Pets At Home in clothing, a medium in his Urban Pup coat but he refuses to wear it - he has issues with poppers and velcro. Hope this helps!

  2. I wish I had a dog so I could celebrate it with them! ;) haha xx


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