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My Top 5 Pieces of Tech for Blogging // AD

Today I thought I'd share my top 5 pieces of technology or equipment that I use for blogging. Of course I'm not saying you need all these things, but it's always interesting to know what products bloggers use or to pick up any tips and tricks they may have. I'd love to hear in the comments if you have any essentials OR tips, especially what camera do you guys all use!? 
an image of my top 5 pieces of tech for blogging
Macbook Pro Retina 15" //
I was extremely lucky and received a new Macbook Pro for my 21st Birthday last July. I'd previously used my white macbook, which I'd had since I was in Year 10. Over the years it'd had various repairs and trips to the apple store. With it sounding like it was going to take off at any moment and it being a little out of date for certain things it was definitely time for an upgrade. I'm not at all saying you need a Macbook for blogging, but this is what I like. I'm definitely not a windows fan, I've always been about Apple, having spent the last 10+ years with various products. I find Apple a breeze to use, it's clean, responsive and ties up with all my other devices. Though I will say you're probably best off with a Macbook Pro rather than a Macbook OR Macbook Air due to the amount of editing of photos and videos bloggers and vloggers get up to.

Also, as a little extra - you may have noticed that I have a case on my Macbook Pro. I've actually had two cases in the time since owning this Macbook Pro. Having avoided the Marble trend until now, I finally caved and ordered a new case to replace the first. You can find many Marble cases on eBay which is where I found mine. Other options include cases and sleeves from Tech 21. These are higher quality again, because lets be honest you're spending A LOT of money on Apple products so you want them to stay safe right? I know my old White Macbook was forever picking up dirt and chips come the end. A good example of a case would be the Impact Snap Case for Macbook Pro, which fits to the front and back of the macbook, available for the entire Macbook range and all sizes. The cases don't hinder ports, provides grip when on the move, all whilst remaining thin - not to mention a life time guarantee!? Do you protect your devices?

iPhone 6 in Gold //
Since having contract phones I've had a Blackberry Bold, two iPhone 5's and an iPhone 6. When you finally get an iPhone you won't look back. I like how all my devices link up, the phone is super easy to use and you never have a problem with apps not being available. I use my iPhone for countless things, though the main blogging uses are to keep on top of emails, twitter & instagram. I do have the phone in Gold - though you can't really see the colour due to me always having a case on it. At the moment I use Orla Kiely cases which I received for Christmas. They really are the best quality of all other cases I've owned and super easy to get hold of, you'll find them in Boots.
an image of my top 5 pieces of tech for blogging
Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ45 //
I haven't changed the camera I've used for blogging in literally forever, I first used a little point and shoot, with my current being a bridge. Eventually I want to upgrade the camera, though I'll also use this for more than *just* blogging. My current camera is the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ45 which does the job for now, I know my photography isn't the best but I like to think I make the best of what I have. I know lots of bloggers who use their iPhone's for blog photography, I've also trialled a rival phone a couple years back whose camera was incredible. OH and it's always handy to have multiple memory cards lying around too.

Soft Box Lighting //
There's nothing worse than winter lighting for a blogger. You want your pictures to be as clear and bright as possible. I haven't always used Soft Box Lighting but without them I'd honestly be screwed. Even on a sunny day I just can't get the pictures to be bright enough or grain free. Majority of the time I use one, sometimes I've used both. Most Soft Box Lighting are available in pairs, which can be a pain if you lack space but you work with it. Who else uses lighting? There's other ways of lighting, ring lights and even a cheaper light from say ikea with a white bulb in. I'm unsure on the exact amazon listing as it's been quite some time.

Camera Tripod //
Another great product to have especially if you're a fashion blogger is a tripod. Now I didn't purchase this myself, my Dad ordered me this a couple years back. It's great for getting a level and steady shot. If you're holding a product or even for the perfect flat-lay. As I didn't purchase my tripod myself I don't have the link but you can easily find them on amazon.

What are your top five pieces of tech for blogging? Lucy xx
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  1. Yes, soft box lights changed my whole blog photography game!


  2. I swear by my macbook, they're expensive but worth every penny! I recently upgraded my camera and I'm thinking about investing in soft box lights as I get really annoyed when the photos come out great but the lighting doesn't look the best in them or there is shadows :( I find having a tripod really helpful and I'm hoping to start YouTube next month (eeeeeeee) so it'll be extremely useful for that!

    Ruby xoxo

    1. I can't wait for the youtube video's, I wish I were braver to start! x


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