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Skechers Flex Appeal Review

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I wish I could be someone who absolutely adores working out or having any sort of fitness regime but I'm not. Sure I do a lot of walking, I walk my little Westie's several times a day & enjoy taking them to as many places as possible but any other fitness seems to come and go in phases. It's silly really, considering how I'm subscribed to Blogilates and Lucy Wyndham-Read, whose workouts are easily done at home, to achieve the slimmer and toned body I want.

Whilst not only needing some inspiration/push to up the exercise it's also crazy just how ridiculous I can start wearing shoes out, even my more expensive branded shoes take a battering from walking the dogs. With the warmer weather starting to appear I've obviously packed the Boots away, with sandals, flats and pump/converse starting to make their appearances. In-fact I found the most beautiful pair of white (not so white now) trainers in Next, which are a mix of converse/yeezy. Incredibly flexible, comfy and lightweight, though if I keep wearing them with everything and everywhere they'll be wrecked. SO with all this and needing a way to get myself more active (hopefully) I found Skechers Flex Appeal's on sale.
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If you're already familiar with Skechers Flex Appeal you'll know that they have such an array of colours and designs to pick over. I of course struggled to decided on just one pair, with two entering my virtual shopping basket - we can thank Demi Lovato for appearing on their ads, this definitely swayed me into purchasing. The Flex Appeal trainer is basically Skechers answer to Nike Free Runs, they're incredibly lightweight and stylish. If you're someone who struggles to find comfy footwear - especially when exercise is concerned, Flex Appeal feature Memory Foam to relieve pressure on sensitive feet and provide all day comfort. The shoes contour to most foot shapes, feature a flexible  & shock absorbing midsole/outsole, along with a breathable mesh upper. 

As I couldn't settle on just one design and opted to order two, a little risky when I'd never tried the shoes on, or even seen them in person at this point. Though, having grown up wearing Skechers I was thankfully not disappointed, they've remained true to size and fit my narrow, teeny UK3 feet perfectly. My foot feels so supported and the memory foam inside is to die for - I'll no longer suffer from impractical footwear on long dog walks & if I finally get the urge to start working out more I'll have the comfiest shoes around. From walking/running with Harry, they've been incredible so far, though one pair does feel slightly smaller than the other, though both still fit just fine. I also love how Skechers still provide you with spare laces, in an alternative colour. As a child you could always bet that I'd want the other lace colour on.
an image of Skechers Flex Appeal in sweet spot
an image of Skechers Flex Appeal in island style
If you're wondering which exact pairs I own, I own the Skechers Flex Appeal in Sweet Spot - charcoal and hot pink AND Skechers Flex Appeal in Island Style (black). Island Style, feature the floral pattern in black and white, with pink touches, with the options of black or white laces. Sweet Spot are grey, with white, yellow and bright coral detailing, with both yellow and grey laces to decide over. Island Style seems to be available on quite a few retailers online, though no longer on the Skechers site itself. Sweet Spot however is currently full price at Skechers, though I ordered both pairs from M&M Direct with around a third off (give or take).

Are you a fan of the 'new look' Skechers? Or do you think they should firmly stay in the memories of our childhood? I personally love them and since owning my two pairs I've noticed SO many others wearing various styles. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: own purchases, no affiliated links used :)


  1. I like them! :) I'm not the kind of person that wears trainers for 'every day', jeez, I even refuse to wear converse type shoes as they're too casual for me. These Sketchers would be amazing for dance classes though! xx

    1. Converse can get quite uncomfy too can't they! :)


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