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Father's Day with Snapfish

an image of Father's Day with Snap Fish
No matter what the occasion, buying for men can be exceptionally hard. Despite just how much you begrudgingly ask them for ideas it usually results in them not giving you a single clue as to what to buy. With Father's Day around the corner I've teamed up with SnapFish to share a couple ideas to make your Dad smile this Father's Day. If you haven't heard of SnapFish, they're an online company who specialise in personalised cards, photo prints and gifts. The amount of items on offer are increasing all the time. Don't be put off if you're not in the UK, they have international sites also, the US has an even larger selection of items. I personally can't wait until phone cases arrive, I'll definitely be whipping up a few for myself and the family.
an image of Father's Day with Snap Fish
Whilst browsing on SnapFish I was amazed at just how many gift ideas they have on offer, though it was the personalised photo mugs that I finally settled on. I decided to make two, one for my Dad and another for my Grandad. The mugs hold 11oz and are microwave + dishwasher safe. There are so many design templates, themes and embellishments to make your item unique and special. For my Dad's mug I decided to feature three photos, featuring my parents favourite photo together - ft. Harry and one each of Harry & Mollie. I added stickers, text and embellishments. If you're wondering about the whole 'number one serenader', my Dad always sings his own little songs to the dogs in the evening. Don't ask. They love it.

Now for the second mug, I decided to make it a little extra special for my Grandad. Some of you may know that we lost my Grandma towards the end of last year, my Grandad is my only remaining Grandparent. Father's Day this year will be around the same time as she was rushed into emergency surgery which gave her a few extra months with us. I decided to use three photo's of her, which I'm really impressed with how they printed considering they're pretty old. I used lyrics from one of the funeral songs - morbid? We all think it's sweet. They both loved the song. I then added a few embellishments. What do you guys think?
an image of Father's Day with Snap Fish
I then decided to create two cards for my Dad, one from myself and the other from Harry & Mollie. With so many pre-made designs, templates and blank cards to decided over, I settled on the design which features DIY Tools. My Dad is forever fixing things, especially when Harry moved in, not to mention now we have the two of them. Each Christmas we always pick him up a chocolate tool kit, to shove in his stocking. Seeing this design, I knew it would be perfect to put, from them. Inside I played around with layouts, settling on just the one photo and text. When it came to designing a card from myself I settled on a pre-made design again, though added no photo, just text - saving me from having to even write the card when it arrived. Each card arrived with it's own envelope, packaged in a extremely sturdy cardboard envelope/sleeve which was really well glued. Your cards will arrive safe and sound. Each card cost £1.99, plus delivery which included all four items at £5.97. Do check out the site, as there are SO many discounts flying around, especially in the Father's Day section.
an image of Father's Day with Snap Fish
Having tried other online, custom card websites in the past I can honestly say SnapFish is my favourite. Their site is so easy to use and their customer service is second to none. They're all so happy to help and orders are printed and shipped incredibly quick - the mugs taking no longer than the cards. There are so many deals and discounts floating around, not to mention free prints just for signing up/in. What have you picked up for your Dad, Grandad or Father Figure this year? Lucy x
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