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NEW // Batiste Graffiti Review

Graffiti is another new offering from Batiste and is exclusively available in Boots, whereas Paisley that I previously blogged about is exclusive to Superdrug. A 200ml can retails at the usual £2.99, worth every penny when it helps prolong the chore of hair washing. 
Graffiti is described as a light and punchy fragrance, with top notes of Apple, Wild Berry, Grape and Citrus, followed by middle notes of Jasmine, Lily and Iris, while it has Batiste's usually musk base accompanied with coconut and sandalwood. It has to be my favourite Batiste scent yet, topping the Lace! It smells slightly popcorn like to me, but you can definitely pick out the fruity notes along side.

Overall Batiste Graffiti is a hit with me, it's so different to all the past cans, the scent certainly has some edge. Unlike Paisley which I found to be more powdery, Graffiti seems to be less powdery while still leaving my hair refreshed and full of volume again. Have you tried Graffiti yet?
Disclaimer: sample
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  1. I need to get this one!

  2. I asked Robbie if it was Boots we saw the other one in and it was. Apparently I'm not the only one who has found Paisley in boots :s Are they selling them when they shouldn't be or did they change their minds? :s Cus I had a mooch and it is supposed to be exclusive o.

    I've defo only seen this in Boots though. This sounds like my type I was thinking, till I saw coconut.. can you smell the coconut? Cus I can't stand it. D:

    Lizzums x


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