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Christmas at LW // LW Christmas Tree

With an unexpected delivery of four new Christmas trees arriving mid-November we became 'those people' - according to friends and family. We didn't plan to be so ahead usually our festive decorating starts the first weekend of December. With having a foul week and the excitement of some beautiful trees sitting in our porch off I set to turn the house into a winter wonderland.
an image of me 2 u bear
an image of robin christmas decoration
an image of shabby chic christmas tree 
christmas decoration image
As always my Christmas tree is fake, complete with a heavy dusting of fake snow. Sick of my tacky white tree from B&Q I hopped onto Homebase where they already had 50% off all their Christmas range. The Snow Effect Barch Tree stole my heart, with a 4ft ordered for myself and a 6ft to replace the main tree. Can we all take a moment to imagine my Dad's face when he walked into the porch full of Christmas boxes. These tree's are as close to a real tree a fake Christmas tree can look, I keep referring to them as the Winnie The Pooh trees. My favourite part being the base, instead of your metal frame we've a large, heavy wood effect trunk. 
an image of christmas decorationsan image of christmas tree fairy
an image of a shabby chic christmas tree
Keeping up with my theme from last year I haven't picked up an awful lot of tree decorations, the few I did ended up downstairs on the kitchen's tree. Last year I went a little crazy ordering items from my favourite shabby chic stores and B&Q, this year I felt let down. Stores stocked the same or took shabby chic and vintage inspired pieces the complete opposite route. Asda had a white washed wooden tree complete with jingle bells, along with a pack of white roses and bird houses. The rest of my decorations are saved from when I was a very small child, B&Q, Melody Maison and quaint local stores with my added collection of Me2You Christmas characters. It's a shame I didn't follow the tartan theme but only Next seemed to have a few cheeky characters, there's always next year. Light wise I grabbed an old set of coloured lights, which usually I turn my head away to but this year with my little shabby vintage looking tree blend in well. 
*all own purchases


  1. Well, robins are meant to be messengers from loved ones, so it may be her! (I take comfort and think of that whenever I see a wee robin :D)

    I've never seen these snow dusted trees either, look very quaint though :) Great post. x

    1. My Grandma always said she'd return as a Robin, my most important life moments so far always see a Robin! I see them a little less these days, though I've met a sweet old lady who is the spitting image of her and insists of me and my puppy popping in each day. The world is quite odd and lovely :') p.s totally though I replied last year :( I've always purchased another of this tree this year, making that three of this style

  2. such lovely decorations, i love the ginger bread man :) xx


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