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There's nothing more I love than to sleep and I definitely don't get enough of it despite being a bit of a Grandma. Web Blinds recently got in touch to challenge me to improve my bedroom and good nights rest. Using their sleep guide to kick start my attempt of improving my new bedroom really helped. I don't struggle to get up nor do I use half as much concealer the next day.

I don't know about you but there's nothing better than seeing a freshly made bed covered with cushions* - even if you have to chuck them off to get into bed at night! Since switching over rooms I now have a daybed, the perfect excuse for piling on yet more cushions*. The cushions* eventually arrived after an agonising wait, creating a cosy corner to the bed perfect for snuggling while I blog, flick through the iPad or before bed when I may grab the occasional book. Being the cold morsel I need multiple blankets* - sleepwear must be short - who else hates long bottoms? The more textures the better too for blankets* and it's surprisingly how affordable you can find the perfect ones. 

I've also limited the amount of technology before bed, previously using social media, youtube and Gossip Girl marathons to kill time before I fall asleep. Giving myself a couple hours before bed, either a long bath or snuggles with Harry has had a positive impact in how easy I go to sleep. As does waking up to the spring/summer sun shining through my lighter curtains compared to my terrifying iPhone alarm ready to whizz Harry round the block before most are out of bed.

To replace the technology I'm making my way through the stack of books gathering dust and burning my stash of candles*. My favourite scents being light rose or a soft vanilla for evenings. If I'm feeling too tired with the fear of falling asleep with candles still burning, I grab my trusty lavender pillow mist. I may have also snuck into the other bedrooms to spray pillows. Come morning they all seem to have had a wonderful nights sleep....with our michevious, wagging tail waiting downstairs. How well do you sleep? It's surprising to see which little changes can relax and impact for a better day. Lucy xx
*in collaboration with Web Blinds
I was set a budget to spend to improve my sleep. This was spent on items featured and had none left over for myself e.g.; no payment


  1. I have the same sheets! They are so beautiful :)

    1. Ikea? :P I was really surprised at how great the quality was having not been to a store before. Love the little touches to the buttons etc xx

  2. Love the rustic look of the pillows and your bedsheets, so pretty! I really like your curtains too, do you know where they are from? Rose is my perfect night time scent, or anything floral for that matter so I will have to try calming lavender before bed. I bet it really does help you get to sleep! x

    1. I've had them for quite a while now, they were supposed to be pretty damn expensive but thanks to Home Senses - TK Max's home store I saved a lot. I've just hunted for my post/haul and I stupidly didn't write the brand, they were £19.99 instead of £90, worth looking in both stores I imagine they'd have something similar or search online for Broderie style curtains. Neom are a great brand to try for the ease of a spray because they don't fill the bottle with nasties. Blog post -

    2. & the bedding is Ikea for around £30 for Double - which comes with four pillow cases :)

  3. really sweet bedroom essentials for to create a soothing, private space to relax and get a good night's sleep! nice things!

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog and Happy Easter! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP | Coachella Style Inspo

  4. I need to try doing something, I'm struggling to switch off and sleep lately :(
    Love that bedding! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. I'm getting so much better at going off to sleep and getting up super early for the pickle downstairs :P


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