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Home Touches // ft Melody Maison + discount code

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With yet more DIY projects hitting the house over the past few weeks I've been doing some serious shopping, wishing and browsing come evening. My bedroom hasn't been decorated long and with yet another room complete I'm already wishing to do it all over again!? Luckily the items I've spotted & featured below from my favourite website aren't overly expensive. AND guess what!?

Cream Dog Drawer Knob | £5.50
I have no use for these adorable drawer knobs but being the now crazy dog lady I am I feel like I NEED to find a use for them!? I always toy with looking into changing drawer knobs though for the current furniture I have there's no possible way to remove or replace. There's such a large range of drawer and door knobs on Melody Maison, a lot come with free postage. Fun fact for you all, I originally thought about ordering many of their drawer knobs but instead ending up placing my first and very large order of furniture a few years back!

Small Dog Bowl with Stand | £24.95
Even before Harry I'd look at these bowls and try to justify buying them for the day I would have my westie. Fast forward and I've got my fluffball to at long last justify buying such pretty bowls.

Felt Flower Fairy Lights | £19.95
In my bedroom I currently have a few sets of fairy lights, my pearl garland set from Melody Maison being a firm favourite and one which always receives compliments when visitors have a nosey round the room. These Felt Flower Fairy Lights look so dainty and have such a warm glow, perfect for the area around my bed when it comes to relaxing in the evenings.

Natural Polka Dot Heart Footstool | £34.95
I have a feeling I've featured this a long time a go, it's the most adorable footstool I've come across...and now reduced just a tiny bit. Whether I'm to create a cosy corner, pair it with my dressing table area or help reach the higher sections of storage in my room...every little helps.

Cream Wooden Full Length Mirror | £107.95
Switching over bedrooms I decided to leave my old full length mirror in that room and cope with my large dressing table mirror. It's not working and I find it to be the most unflattering thing with the area to stand in. With a brief shuffle around I'm sure I could *just* fit this beauty's simply perfect.
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  1. ash that mirror is to die for! what a fab website, never heard of it before but can't wait to have a look on it now!

    1. Say goodbye to your bank balance when you do!! They're such a joy to buy from :)

  2. I just love that full length mirror. Looks so much better than a mirror that's just stuck to the wall.

    1. It doesn't look like it'll take up too much room either, I know a lot of stands would that I'd previously looked at x

  3. wow that mirror is incredible. so pricey though :(( going to browse the site and try not to buy everything.x

    1. say goodbye to your bank account Jess! :p


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