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By now we're half way through summer and boy is the UK getting a scorcher this year. Since we've been busy in my house with all the redecorating and work to the back yard I thought I'd share a few little tips. I think we've done more DIY since getting our little pup than before we ever thought about getting him. It's definitely been stressful at times to make sure he's secure at all times of the work.

One of the easiest ways of preparing your home for summer is replacing bedding. In the summer we don't want rich, warm shades and busy patterns. I personally like to stick to whites, they really brighten and almost enlarge the room. Whether you choose a dainty pattern or plainer embroidered detailing it makes all the difference. Don't forget to hide the heavier duvets in the cupboard and pull out the lightest tog you can find, with sheets on hand for the humid nights.

My second option isn't so easy and one I'm sure most hate to do and hire in a professional. Thankfully my Dad is chief DIY'er in this family and has started to enjoy wallpapering rooms as long as they've been emptied. Dark shades whether on every wall or just a feature cause a room to feel dingy and much smaller. We've been brightening up the place with subtle patterned wallpapers in white and very pale grey - with a tint of lilac. This way we can accessory each season without having to be like my Nan and cause my Grandad to re-wallpaper all the flaming time. So far each room looks absolutely incredible with the amount of light and space 'increased'.

We've recently finished making our garden look a little more presentable by creating one section as the seating area. During the crazy storms at the beginning of the year we lost our large brick built shed due to the winds taking the roof of it. They had the options of rebuilding or knocking down and creating more space. Soon came the challenge of making the walls look a little tidier than what has always been inside the storage shed. The best option for this was to purchase trellis panels, which took a lot of searching to find a local busniess with higher quality pieces. With outside solar, fairy lights and yet more candles the area is transformed and has been beautiful during day or evening.

A much cheaper and effective way of freshening up your home is with candles and diffusers. I like to burn candles whatever the temperature, even taking them out into the garden come evening. Not only do some deterrent bugs away (last year we had a type of beetle that only appears once every so many years), it helped create a relaxing atmosphere whether dining and simply drinks. Stores will have added & reduced their summer ranges, most of which are encased in brighter containers the perfect accessory to any room needing a little TLC. If you have animals or young children diffusers work just as well. Though I'd recommend staying away from cheaper brands as their oils tend to evaporate out the containers onto the surrounding surfaces rather than into the air. My most recent purchases come from the Next Home's sale with a candle in Coastal Walks & Oceanic Woods (£3 from £8) and diffuser in (£2 from £6) Wild Pear. How have you been freshening up your home for summer? Lucy xx

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