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Lush Ray of Sunshine // review

an image of lush ray of sunshine gift set
an image of lush ray of sunshine gift set
an image of lush ray of sunshine gift set
an image of how a lush gift set looks inside
an image of contents of ray of sunshine gift set from lush
an image of a miniature lush sugar scrub
an image of a bar of lush bohemian soap
an image of miniature lush each peach and twos a pair massage bar
As some of you will know it was recently my birthday (July 15th) with one of my gifts being this beautifully wrapped gift set from Lush. It's a bit of a tradition for my brother to select me a Lush gift set. I was besotted with the adorable Igloo knot wrap gift set Christmas '13. I wanted to tear the gift set open so badly to reach the zingy scents inside though in true blogging style I managed to take a few snap shots for a post before I carried them all into the shower.

Lush have recently revamped most of their gift sets with Ray of Sunshine being one them. Inside my Ray of Sunshine were four products, all of which I hadn't had in quite some time. The Olive Branch shower gel in 100g has always been a product I've picked up to take away on holiday. Containing Olive Oil, Mandarins, Bergamot Oil and Vine Leaves there's no better way to describe the fragrance and product as the Mediterranean in a bottle. The same scent is also used in other favourites of mine, Pop in the Bath bubble bar and festive version The Christmas Penguin bubble bar. Next to feature in the line up is the cutest miniature Sugar Scrub which isn't as harsh as I remember it to be and something I must stock up on as it really helped vanish the little bumps on the tops of my arms. Each Peach (and two's a pair) also features in Ray Of Sunshine as another equally adorable miniature replacing the embossed flower branch with a smily face. With mango, lime and grapefruit being some of the zesty fruits going into this bar it's a must have for summer. Last to feature in my personal box is Bohemian soap, if you order online you'll notice the revamp includes Sandstone soap instead. I'm SO pleased to have Bohemian as I'm not a huge fan of the sandy, exfoliating soap bar. Bohemian carries such an uplifting fragrance, I made sure to pick up another large chunk while shopping on my birthday.

Even with the slight change to Ray of Sunshine's (£15.50) contents it's still such a wonderful gift set to give particularly this time of year. It's neither too small or too big with so much thought into the product pairing, all working together fantastically. This is certainly a gift set to look out for if you're shopping for a shower junkie rather than a bath bomb fanatic. Obviously Dan thinks his little sister is Ray of Sunshine... Lucy xx
*Gifted by my brother


  1. Those products look perfect for summer. The gift set is so cute! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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