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Air Wick // Life Scents Collection

an image of Airwick Life Scents launch 1
an image of Airwick Life Scents launch 1
an image of Airwick Life Scents launch 1
an image of Airwick Life Scents launch 1
an image of Airwick Life Scents launch 1
an image of Airwick Life Scents launch 1
Recently I was lucky enough to sample Life Scents, a collection of multi-layered fragrances from popular household brand Air Wick. Not only do we have a new range of enticing fragrances but a whole new concept of scents designed to evolve throughout the day to create a true to life 'experience'. Life Scents in the UK consists of five fragrances with a sixth, exclusive.

To pick an overall favourite scent from all six would be impossible. From the selection of goodies I've been lucky enough to receive I've a different scent preference for each method of home fragrance you'll read below. Paradise Retreat currently scents the landing and stairs with it's tropical notes of coconut, almond blossom and cherry. Turquoise Oasis is a much fresher scent and as you can guess by the name think warm sands, sea salt and 'sun bleached driftwood'. Following on with another fresh/outdoorsy scent, Lush Hideaway which has proven to be quite the calming scent and one that reminds me of the scents my Grandma uses around her house. With notes of wild berries, fresh mint and splashes of coconut water you'll see it's most definitely not a 'grandma' fragrance, it's a truly lovely and very unisex. Things start to get a little sweeter with Summer Delights, a fruity number consisting of fresh white florals, sweet melon and subtle vanilla. Mystical Gardens follows with a fruity/floral scent, very sweet and feminine. Think raspberries, marshmallow and rose. Lastly we have the exclusive Mum's Baking, perfect for those of you who have moved out and missing home OR....Perhaps you don't excel in the baking department and long to have the smell of fresh baked pear, pie crust and vanilla filling your house. 

Product wise an over looked item in my opinion when it comes to brands similar to Air Wick are candles. Each of the three Life Scents candles have a black and white print which differs per scent. My favourite of the three has to be the beach scene on Turquoise Oasis. Each scene then 'changes' colour once lit with a sequence of various colours providing a tranquil, soft glow. The candles currently sit lined up in the spare room/my little office where lately I head to write up a blog post or use my Zen Colouring book to reduce that anxiety. 

Diffusers are always a tricky product to find the right one, sometimes the oils just won't evaporate up through the reeds or they mysteriously leak regardless of the price you pay. I've always been fond of the Air Wick diffusers, especially around the Christmas period when my favourite; Mulled Wine reappears. I have to say the Life Scents have just taken over the top spot due to Lush Hideaway and Summer Delights. Lush Hideaway is in the spare room/my little office where I find the scent to be really calming & perfect if I don't have time to light my favourite candle. Summer Delights sits on my dressing table and arrived just as my Neom diffuser ran out. Summer delights is such a fun, sweet fragrance, great for summer. Each diffuser lasts for 7-8 weeks in our house.

Plug In's are new to me, despite them being an ever so popular way to keep your house smelling fresh we haven't explored into them. Going by the website only four of the six scents seem to be available as Plug In's with both a Starter Kit and Twin Refill packs. Plug In's slot straight into your wall sockets to provide long lasting fragrance. Each refill is designed to last up to 80 days based on 12 hours usage a day. A great, affordable way to scent your home which can also be customised by turning dials to adjust the strength of your scent.

My firm favourite of the new range have to be the Freshmatic Max cans. We have several units around the house and find them better than other units on the market due to how customisable they are for both the amount sprayed and the overall design of each unit. I feel safer using such an item compared to your standard Plug In's as they run with batteries, the cans slot in easily and can be placed out of Harry's reach. Each can lasts for 60 days on the minimum  fragrance level. Have you spotted the Life Scents range yet? I'd highly recommend slipping an item or two into your weekly food shop. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.


  1. i'd love to get these in the plugin, especially lush hideaway!!
    the freshmatic cans loook really interesting, must check them out.xx

    1. There's so many scents Jess, I'll have to go into more detail. I've loved having the new scents and the unit really doesn't let too much product off.


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