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Detangle with // Wet Brush Pro

an image of wet brush pro detangle professional
an image of wet brush pro detangle professional
Over the years I've tried many detangle brushes, my favourites have all been featured on  LW with their own individual reviews. Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a brush from Wet Brush, a brand I've only ever heard praise for. The Detangle Professional paddle brush takes place in the Wet Brush-Pro collection, designed by professional for professionals to achieve the highest quality detangling brush currently on the market.

What makes the Pro collection so special? The Pro Range has various technology behind it starting with the exclusive IntelliFlex Bristles, designed for healthier and more beautiful hair. Each of the bristles are thin, firm and yet flexible. Each feature an exclusive SofTips on the end, an ultra soft poly tip which has been twice dipped to stay soft, full and permanent for gentler styling. The brush glides through thick, curly and straight hair without pulling, snagging and causing spilt ends. It's even suitable for hair extensions and wigs!

'Wet Brush' you'd also assume the brush only works on wet hair? The brush works for both wet and dry. Though the design does feature AquaVents, which is the all new improved Shower Friendly design for even and thorough distribution of conditioner, shampoo and dry shampoos. The rubberised handle is a godsend in the shower, so many other detangle brush say they can be used in the shower....if only they'd hear the racket when I've taken one in. The soft, sure grip will most definitely be your best friend - If you suffer from a highly sensitive scalp like myself, you'll adore this brush.

The Detangle Professional is the first of it's style I've used, previous detangle brushes I've used have been quite chunky to hold and regularly fly out of my hand. Others have been very narrow, which when I had longer hair turned into a nightmare to use. Currently I'm growing my hair out (again), totally regret getting the chop last December after all the time and care I'd put into getting the 'luscious' long locks I'd wanted. My hair is now medium length and very thick with a mind of its own. I've loved having a large paddle brush to effortlessly make my way through without a single tug or tear whether my hairs wet OR dry. I actually mostly use the brush on dry hair, I've found my hairs much healthier and there's a lot less stray hairs around the place as well as looking shinier than ever. If you're looking for a brush to help with your tangled locks I'd highly recommend Wet Brush & Wet Brush Pro with the Paddle brush first on the list. If Paddle Brushes aren't for you then there's also the Shine Brush which features Mongolian Boar Bristles mixed with the IntelliFlex Bristles and their Go Brush, perfectly handbag sized. 
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.


  1. I have one of their oval shaped ones and love it! Might get one of these too.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Looks and sounds great, I"m always on the look out for a good brush for my crazy mane of hair haha! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


    1. It's such a lifesaver! I'll check your blog post out :)

  3. Well if I've only read this post a few days earlier as I'd just repurchased another Wet Brush but went for the regular style! I'll have to give this a try next.

    Victoria x

    1. Oh no! I'm sure whatever Wet Brush you've picked up is just as brilliant. x


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