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Summer Homeware Haul with Homebase //

an image of homebase homeware haul 2015
an image of homebase homeware haul 2015
It was inevitable that inviting my Mum along for an afternoon of browsing homeware and garden accessories while leaving my Dad to 'dogsit' Harry would turn into one of our most comical adventures yet. I've been feeling a little uninspired with my current decor, my little haven didn't seem quite 'there' despite it only being decorated only a year ago. I always make a conscience effort to keep the place clean and free from clutter though it's all gone out the window with everything turning a little chaotic. With my favourite place needing a slight makeover I was of course going to jump on board when the guys at Homebase recently got in touch.
Armed with my budget I couldn't wait to see what delights Homebase had to offer this SS15. They really are more than just a 'DIY or Garden store', we go absolutely crazy for their Christmas collection each year, you only have to flick through old posts on LW to see how much we adore them for their designs and quality. Not only did I find a tonne of items to give my room a little makeover I found some gems for the garden's seating area we started last summer. I'll save that for another blog post.

Before setting off I decided to have a look online where I found our nearest store had actually shut down just weeks ago. That'll teach me for ordering via online so much. Armed with directions we headed to another store which turned out to be incredible with one very special concession inside that won our hearts over in an instance. Our nearest store being Worle is one of the few to have a Lots of Living concession. It's literally a 'bloggers' paradise with a sea of white+grey washed items and elegant pieces every way you turn. Getting there however proved to be quite the challenge with Google giving us the wrong directions at the beginning - that'll teach us for leaving Deirdre at home, anyone else name their Tom Tom? SO many roundabouts were to be accomplished, maniac female drivers (that really don't help with stereotype we ladies carry) and a Fiat 500 every 10 meters taunting me after a disastrous driving lesson that morning. 
Obviously I couldn't resist the Scottie Dog Door Stop £12.99 at the start of the home section, making it the first item to enter the of two trolleys by the end of the trip. Since owning Harry I feel the need to purchase all the adorable dog themed items I see. The ditsy floral print of Dora fits perfectly into my shabby chic boudoir and our little Harry is besotted - he actually thinks I've purchased it for him and continues to run off with it. The kitchen doggy doorstop actually has to go to bed with him....every night.

I then headed for the cushion display. My cushions on the daybed really needed updating and while in Homebase I came across two which couldn't have been any more perfect to what I've been looking for. The floral cushion was actually on sale for just £7 while the large grey cushion was £19.99. Normally I think cushions are completely overpriced but this waffle effect cushion is the softest most squidgy cushion I've ever had. It literally feels like memory foam is inside and you can also find the cushion in cream too.

Forcing myself away from the cushions I headed for the glassware. Last year I switched over bedrooms and wanted a new way to store my Lush. I've seen a lot of people use large glass vases, a great way to brighten up the room - the corner of my room needing that. I have rather an excessive stash of bath bombs and bubble bars which are all super decorative. The search for a large glass jar finally finished with Homebase having this large glass trifle dish hidden away on the bottom of their glassware section. I'd considered purchasing a similar item from the concession I've mentioned and so glad I waited until viewing the whole store because at £9.99, a third of the previous I much prefer this one.
an image of Homebase home haul
Everyone loves a good fake flower? I couldn't resist adding the fake pot of Lavender to my trolley. I've been wanting to find the 'right' ones to pretty the place up and for livening up my blog photography. I'm not sure the photo's truly do the plant enough justice, everyone compliments them thinking they're the real deal - great when you can't be trusted to keep them alive or to not knock over vases of water. For just under £20 I'd happily purchase a couple more in the future, they suit any room and we won't be pestered by buzzy bees.

When it comes to bedding you can't beat a nice crisp white set. Again, something I'm incredible fussy over but once seeing the print on this set from Homebase I had to purchase. White bedding really helps to brighten the place up with the material of this set being incredibly cooling now that the nights have turned very humid. It's one of the softer bedding sets I own and I love how the flock print isn't so in your face as others and looks SO pretty when the sun comes shining through along with just the simple detailing of a few buttons carrying the beautiful print. Homebase had a lot of bedding with it all being very affordable, King Size in this pattern was just £40.

My last item I spotted while heading for the till. These beautiful white, wooden jewellery boxes were hidden away again on the bottom shelf of a display cube. They really should be out on display more. I've been calling it my very own Pandora's Box, again this was really inexpensive at just £12.99. The wooden box has both a drawer and lift that reveals a mirror. When I first brought this home I really didn't have a space for it though I've finally de-cluttered the dressing table and have this taking pride of place with my Neom diffusers on top - if I'm to have the mirror up I wouldn't see the intricate wooden carved lid. I do however use the small drawer to keep track of my hairbands, earrings, hair clips and a few essentials I'd be prone to knocking off my table. It'd also make someone a lovely gift, without breaking the bank and definitely looks more expensive than it was. 
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  1. Your lush stuff looks amazing in the dish! I keep mine in an old vanity case which is no where near as presentable!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Thanks Hayley! It's so heavy I was worrying if the shelf would be strong enough with all the bath bombs packed in.

  2. Love this post. I love a good home haul and you have picked some lovely items x

    1. Thank Sarah! They really did have so many lovely items, I could have spent so much more! x

  3. Great picks!! I love that jewellery box, the pop up mirror looks like a perfect make up mirror! M xx

  4. I love everything, you have such good taste! That jewelry box/mirror is gorgeous, never seen anything quite like it!

    Zoe xx


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