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life lately // #2

Life lately has been pretty draining, stressful and pretty upsetting. There's been a lot of drama and comings and goings however there has been just as many things worth smiling about. June started with my Grandma finally getting admitted to the hospital. The end of June was pretty scary, with a final diagnosis for my Grandma and emergency surgery which is a miracle she's still here. Despite a tonne of neglect she's now on the road to recovery or at least for now. Things are never going to be rosy but thank god she's a fighter.
Driving side of things? Yep. Still not legally allowed alone on the roads. My instructor loves to cancel and with the latest being the best part of a month today or who knows when I'll eventually get round to posting this but I've booked a trial with another driving school. I'm hoping it's the guy with a polka dot A1 and that he doesn't cause me anymore anxiety OR shout at me. There's been far too many negatives with my current driving instructor that I've brushed off, excused or blamed myself for. Nobody deserves to be fighting panic attacks and feeling like the worst driver in the world. Considering I've not missed a single lesson with everything going on I'm hoping tomorrow will be the right thing to do and I'll be a completely different driver :P

The rest of July has seen a few little adventures, a lot of retail therapy though no summer holiday with all the time spent visiting the hospital and the dogs. I turned 21 (yep promise I'll quit mentioning that soon) and managed to have a nice day - 21st birthday 'haul' here. A matter of days later we had a new dog in the house (Introducing Mollie post) who's brought so many smiles and laughter to the house already. She causes some mayhem but at least it distracts us. Mollies most definitely the most exciting thing to have happened, I love her to bits (not forgetting Harry). I can't take her anywhere without people running at us. The day we collected her and took her for a collar etc, we had everyone going mad and men hanging up on their phones and running to see her. It's hilarious. Harry has some serious competition.

LW wise? I've had a lot of exciting opportunities and can't wait to get stuck back in the world of blogging now I've a new macbook to get the most use out of. I feel a little out of the blogging 'circle' but I'm still here guys! Oh and I've finally just started to use my pinterest probably not using it correctly but I'm giving it a go. In fact I don't think it'll be long until MammaWrites gets an account. She's hooked on the nail art tags, let alone the food and decor. What've you been up to so far this summer? Can we even call it summer still? Lucy xx

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  1. Sounds like your life has been hectic lately!
    Driving can be so nerve wracking so you definitely don't need a driving instructor who makes you feel bad! I hope you manage to find someone better!


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