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Lush // Bella Fruta Gift Set review

an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
an image of LUSH Bella Fruta gift set review
Birthdays aren't complete without a little Lush Cosmetics right? This year I turned 21 and received the ever so beautifully presented Bella Fruta gift set which retails for £20.95. I don't usually pay attention to the Lush gift sets unless I have to buy someone one, making the times I receive them a complete surprise - especially as Lush always seem to give them a little revamp come Summer. If you've anyone with a summer birthday or perhaps you just want to brighten someones day, Bella Fruta couldn't be anymore perfect. Inside the brightly wrapped box are six Lush products varying from bath bombs to hand & body lotion which all feature tropical fragrances to get you in the summer time mood whether it be the bath or shower - this gift covers all.

The first product I was happy to see was a miniature The Comforter bubble bar. This has to be my all time favourite  bubble bar  due to the sweet scent & the amount of product you get for your money (full size). I always keep a bar in for when it comes to that time of the month, where I just want to hide away in a mountain of bubbles. I've always described this bubble bar to smell like blackcurrant/Ribena but I think this miniature bubble bar smells like the multicoloured Swizzle sweets? Fitting to the tropical theme of the box Avobath bath bomb had to be include to the tropical concoction. Avobath bath bomb is another long time favourite, though I don't buy this one too often - saving it for when I really need an uplifting pamper. With Lemongrass, bergamot, avocado and olive oil you're left with bright green waters, hydrated skin and hopefully feeling a lot more human! Don't be put off by the bright colour if you suffer from sensitive and dry skin, this contains mashed avocado and olive oil so you can count on dry skin to be soothed away. With a bath bomb and bubble bar it's only right to follow with a bath melt? You've Been Mangoed has been around for years and was actually one of my Mum's favourites before I eventually got round to trying. I always thought the small bars were overpriced...until I eventually tried one and fell in love with the citrus fragrance of lemongrass, lime and lemon oil which instantly lifts your moods. Skin is left replenished and oh so soft by avocado, mango and cocoa butters. 

Moving away from 'bath' products we have FUN in Red. Lush do various colours with more in Lush Oxford Street and others appearing around Christmas time. I haven't always been the biggest fan of FUN, when launched I received a couple bars and fell for the novelty before getting a little fed up due to how big the full size bars are. It wasn't until my brother gifted me one of the Christmas knot wraps which included four bars in that I became the fan again. Gift sets usually contain a smaller bar of FUN, easier to use before it dries up. The Red is actually my favourite, the scent is citrus based (as you'd expect to appear in Bella Fruta) but it's almost a little fizzy without being childish? If you're passing I urge you to go in and have a sniff. As for FUN it's literally a product with endless uses, you can clean and wash whatever you like with the shower time play dough. Next up I pulled out the bar of Miranda soap, I'm not a bar of soap girl but there's a few Lush bars that I do rate - Miranda being one of them. The bar of soap I have here is actually the old formula and in my opinion looks far better than the new design/formula. With Kiwi, Ylang Ylang, Juniperberry and bergamot it's summer in a bar and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The last product to feature in Bella Fruta is Sympathy for the Skin, hand & body lotion which I haven't had in such a long time. It's been much needed with all the hospital visiting and new puppy, I'm constantly washing my hands and using alcohol gel. My poor hands, dry skin and poor cuticles are over the moon to see this light weight, slightly runny, custard scented lotion again.

Bella Fruta has definitely got to be my favourite gift set to receive and considering this was my Uncle's first time in a Lush store I think it's fair to say he did really well. All the items in my box are items I adore and again, the perfect gift for summer with uplifting fragrances and across the board products covering showers, baths and body care. Lucy x
*birthday present from family


  1. Ooh this box sounds lovely! I've never tried fun but it intrigues me. Think I might pop along to Lush tomorrow and pick up some goodies x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

    1. It really is isn't it! I hope you managed to get yourself some treats! x


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