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Lush // Yog Log Roulade review

One thing you may find hard to believe is that for the majority of this year I've actually used far more shower products from Lush than I have enjoyed a relaxing soak with a bath bomb or two. With the current festive line, heading into it's final month I thought it was about time I share my love for this years new addition Yog Log Roulade (£5.95 per 100g).
an image of Lush Yog Log Shower Roulade
For those who aren't familiar with Lush's Shower Roulades, they reside in the shower smoothie and conditioner range though instead of being a thick cream packaged in a famous black pot, you buy this product by the slice. You use a Roulade in the same way as soap, create a thick, creamy lather before rinsing. Though with a Roulade/Shower Smoothie you save on the need to moisturise after your bath/shower. There has been a number of Roulades since the big Oxford Street launch, as well as last years festive roulade (The Icing on the Cake review here).  I absolutely loved last years festive Roulade, so hearing Lush would be launching one in my favourite scent (Yog Nog) I couldn't wait to jump into the shower. 
an image of Lush Yog Log Shower Roulade
As mentioned Yog Log uses the mouth watering scent of Yog Nog soap & bath bomb. The overall fragrance is a comforting Caramel & Toffee followed by the warmth of Clove Oil & delicate Ylang Ylang. The Roulade itself is packed with Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil, whilst the 'rind' of the product uses Fresh Honeydew Melon Pulp. I have to say this years Roulades really have improved, the texture is softer without falling apart or turning into a big squidgy mess. The rind has also improved, it really holds the product together and dissolves along with the product. Value for money I purchased a 100g bar which was used most mornings, this lasted for 2-3 weeks. I didn't experience any drying of the skin, neither did my skin feel sticky. Previous Smoothies have left my skin with a residue rather than hydrating. I'm pleased to report Yog Log Roulade left my skin feeling incredibly clean, hydrated and scented with the absolutely incredible Yog Nog scent I adore so much. If you're looking for a shower product that's a little out of the ordinary to brighten these freezing winter mornings, or perhaps as a Secret Santa or Stocking Filler Yog Log is the product for the job.
Have you tried any of this years festive line up yet? What's on your Christmas list? Lucy x
Disclaimer: own purchase

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