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Happy 2018 from Lucyy Writes

Happy 2018 Beauties! I hope you all celebrated in style, whether it be snuggling on the sofa in some cosy PJ's, Puppy Dog Snuggles & a gin or just me? OR you made the most of it - waiting for the clock to strike, watching the fireworks and spending it with loved ones. 2017, was incredibly difficult for me and I want to thank those who did take the time to stick around and support - whether it be the occasional comment on the blog OR supportive messages - especially to those who checked in on me through anxiety attacks and surgery - you are all wonderful. 2018 is going to be a year I face more challenges and focus on myself, hopefully you'll see more of me and my life on LW. I've missed the hobby that was once such a huge positive chunk of my life and bought me so much interaction when lonely - lets make 2018 the year we comment & support each others content more!
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Thank you for all your support - whilst blogging is definitely different to the original days, I appreciate every comment, like and familiar face I see <3 I'm sending you all the love, warm well wishes and positivity for 2018. Make this year about you and face those challenges you've been putting off. You're stronger and braver than you can imagine <3 Love - The LW Family x


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I hope to see more blog posts from you too! For the last half an hour I've been going through and bookmarking a few of your posts, cannot wait to get baking! Particularly the peanut butter blondies!! Onwards and upwards for 2018!! Jenni x

    1. Thank you Jenni! Sorry I only just got round to publishing your comment! Thank you for all your support - you're a star! xx


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