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Urban Decay & Lush Haul // 2011

Evening bloggers! I've been blogging for just about a week and have to thank everyone who left such lovely comments on my first post.  All week I planned to blog a couple times but, every chance I had some spare time, I ended up seeing and spending it with friends or family and by late evening I was shattered. Thursday I went to Bristol with 3 friends shopping. Sadly every shop was a disaster frankly, everything I did like (very little) was out of size 6 or 8. So I found myself being the stylist of my friend. Having a guy friend to shop with is lovely, especially when he likes hollister. I'm sure I don't have to explain how yummy the guys are that work in there. ;) Anyway on to the haul.
First purchase of the day was the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil (waterproof) in Zero (black) I've had one of these before and sadly lost it somewhere. I love love love this eyeliner! It's so creamy and glides on, doesn't hurt my eyes like my usual has been doing lately. It stays on all day! Why did I not buy a replacement ages ago! I swear by this! I think I shall be purchasing these in a few more colours. They retail at £13. For me £13 is quite a bit to spend on an eyeliner but it's amazing and the best I've used. My friends think it's a ridiculous amount to pay for an eyeliner, but none have really heard of UD or other higher brands.

Second purchase or purchases of the day were a whole load of LUSH goodies! I know every product and wish I worked there it would be heaven. I'm addicted. The staff always have a little chat and are all so lovely, especially in the Bristol store. I've turned every friend (including guys) and family as well as the odd strangers into Lush junkies! I need to stop rambling! On with what I picked up.
I've been using LUSH for the past 5 years so I really do recommend Lush products. Hopefully I didn't bore anyone off as i have loads of ideas for posts! 

Lucy xx


  1. I love how many things you bought from Lush haha, I'm the same! End up going totally overboard and spending loads there :) x

  2. @Shanice haha, the girl on the till was like so are these all for you?!? everyone else seemed to buy one or two :P I spend wayyyy to much in that store! x

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  4. aww great blog, thanks for the follow on mine!
    I love how you love LUSH products, haven't been to the one in Bristol for ages!!! (shame that the next time I'm going down I won't have time for shopping!!)

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  5. I love Lush stuff its all so great! Great start to you blog, Thanks for you comment, come back soon xx

  6. Thanks for following! Your blog is great!

    Following you now x

  7. What's Ceridwyns Cauldron like? It always catches my eye but I haven't tried it yet!

    Sara xx

  8. @Sara It's a little pricey, but it's worth it, so moisturising, once it's melted in the bath you can use the oats left in the bag as a scrub :) two products in one and it doesn't mess up your bath that way! You can always cut the bathmelt into two or three and tie the bag back up to get more uses. :) It's quite lavendery, i personally hate lavender but this i can handle. Both me and my mum love Ceridwyns Cauldron!

  9. I love Urban Decay. I use to get there lip gloss before they stopped selling them in stores. Great post!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  10. i love the comforter it smells amazing!

  11. I still havnt tried any lush products, I must be the only person in the world aha. Their things look so pretty and smell gorgeous I must go and pick some up when Im out next!

  12. @TheCosmeticCrave :o you really must! :D I seriously don't use any other products other than LUSH for showers and baths etc!

  13. Love Lush! So many great products, just to hear Lush title already sounds relaxing:)

  14. lol you call all that stuff from lush a small haul? i love lush too !

  15. @Alma When you love lush as much as i do that was a very small haul :D ahah x

  16. So many people swear by Urban Decay eyeliner! I use their liquid and love it!

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  17. I loooooove Urban Decay stuff, photography, make up! Check out these urban decay stuff they are amazing

    anywho Follow for Follow??

  18. I LOVE Lush! I can't not buy anything whenever I go in a shop of theirs!

    Comforter and Dragons Egg are definitely two of my favourite products :) xx


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