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Go LUSH Yourself // Big Blue

Hey lovelies, you all know I'm the biggest LUSH fan around, so rather than review another Christmas past item, though I'll still do the last 2 I plan, I thought I'd kick start my ordinary LUSH series. This may be a weekly post or just every so often. But I know a lot of people like them too. I personally love reviewing the products as it gives everyone a honest review, a chance to see them in action and maybe somebody who hates the whole shop smell of LUSH, lets it stop them trying the products. Photo's are all taken on my blackberry, camera died!

The first item, a bath ballistic, which LUSH now call bath shall always be a bath ballistic to me. Big Blue is possibly the most relaxing bath bomb LUSH make. I've just had a bath in it and I could drop off to sleep right now. It's a scent for in the evening for sure. Big Blue is lavender scented alongside with lemon oil that 'clears your mind' It must do, because I nearly dropped my blackberry in the bath texting and tweeting. I could of stayed in this bath for ages, if it wasn't for the fact I was missing out on Take Me Out and the need to blog. It's nice to have a product that isn't your ordinary scent. The scent filled the whole house again, so everyone will sleep well tonight, I know I'll have the best sleep I've had in a few weeks.

So, it's not the prettiest of bath bombs you'll agree, it's just massive, heavy and bright blue, with a bit of white on top. So the name can't get anymore suitable and straight forward than that. Look closely you'll see sea salt and sea weed poking through. Not my favourite part of the bath bomb. But it's bearable. My skin feels great. This massive bath bomb retails at £3.10, so take it out half way through it fizzing away and you'll get two baths from this. Though I used the whole thing to get a good nights sleep. Hopefully.

This bath bomb fizzed like crazy, I've had this in my drawer since July 15th, when it came in a gift box I had for my birthday. It shows the products keep. This fizzed better than some of my latest products. This bath bomb is extremely pigmented, when it hits the water be ready for bright blue water!! Then we get onto the sea salt and seaweed, sea salt is fine, it dissolves and no doubt helps the fizzing a lot. However the sea weed, I hate having anything float in the bath around me. I hate it when it touches me. I just find it creepy. The sea weed did sink mostly to the bottom, but if you move, it'll float to the top again. Fun, though it didn't stick to me. I still find the black strips disturbing at the bottom of my gorgeous bright blue water.
I don't care how much good, sea weed does to you, keep the extract in and the strips out! Though my skin is very silky now. This isn't a bath bomb I'd use all the time, down to having to remove the seaweed at the end of the bath.

I'd give this an overall 7/10, it made the water a gorgeous colour, scent is staying on my skin and my skin is super silky. But the seaweed isn't for me. < can be sorted with a pair of tights to catch it all.
Have you used this bath bomb before?


  1. Aaah, I love this one :) I love the water colour xx

  2. LOVE LUSH! Not sure about the seaweed either, but that is such a pretty blue!! :)

  3. I love this, but the seaweed really creeps me out!:)x


  4. I once had a bath bomb from Lush that when it finished fizzing left behind big sticks of heathery/lavender stuff! They were SO spiky!! haha

  5. This looks sooo cool, although im not so sure on the seaweed lol.

  6. Such an amazing colour of blue, really looks like the ocean or something but I really don't think I could cope with the seaweed to be honest haha!!

  7. wow, the water turns such a lovely colour! looks so refreshing :) will have to check lush out for one of those, even if the seaweed looks gross haha :)


  8. i want to try this now xx

    my blog :


  9. It looks so nice but the seaweed would freak me out a little bit!

  10. This looks really cool, think the seaweed is kinda interesting, not sure id want to be in the bath with it though!

  11. I'm definitely going to steer clear of this one, I don't like things touching me in the bath, haha! O.o
    It is a really gorgeous blue though.

  12. I haven't tried this one before and it sounds quite nice, but I don't think I could be bothered to remove the seaweed afterwards! xx

  13. Yeah the seaweed wouldn't be my fav=\.
    I had a lush one with little stars in it and it was so cool but such a pain to get rid of a tub of stars after lol

  14. I would love to try the seaweed bath bomb, it looks so amazing.

    Lush are amazing for bath products, I couldn't live without them.

    Lovely blog, I'm following :)


  15. Don't think I'd like the seaweed, to be honest! I've never tried a Lush bath bomb, I really should! x

  16. love the idea of the seaweed, think its pretty cool x

  17. @Jess it is, but it's just yuck to clean out, does wonders though.
    @Jo It's just a bt ew! But the rest of it, is gorge.
    @Forever Miss Vanity They certainly are, theyve done wonders for my skin.
    @Monster girl aw, I think i know what one that is, Christmas range? Golden wonder? :)
    @Cara Robinson it's a chore isn't it :/
    @sophie Isobel same, I flinch if it touches!

  18. @Zoe it is, with the colour, just not the seaweed :P
    @Jimmi lou hehe, i think it would anyone!
    @ravingbeautyx it does do wonders, so give it a go!
    @vicky it really is isn't it! I loved the colour!
    @Lipgloss Lily my favourite colour from a bath bomb, it's gogeous!
    @serenity of beauty Glad I'm not the only one :P
    @AngieBeautyBelle Ooo yeh I know what you mean! The roses one wasn't too bad but :/
    @My name? - ellie same, I didn't realise how much was in there!
    @Jacenda it's gorgeous right :) Love LUSH
    @Laura prettiest colour ever! If only the camera showed it better!

    Thanks everyone! :D

  19. Have you ever put the bombs in panty hose before? Take an old pair and cut off most of the legs, drop a bomb in the toe, tie and enjoy! It may not put on as much of a show but it keeps the tub clean.

  20. Hmmm seaweed is bad enough when youre not expecting it, let alone when you get in a bath with it voluntarily.. big no no for me. I do love other Lush stuff though, the melting marshmallow moment is lovely x


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