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Lush // Party Popper Review

Party Popper was yet another product from the Christmas line I couldn't wait to drop into my bath waters. After making sure it arrived home in one piece, camera at the ready I dropped this bright two toned cone in before my champagne party started...without the worry of a hangover. 
Party Popper lived up to my expectations, I'd heard mixed opinions over Lush's latest creation hiding inside. While it whizzed round my bath, the sound of popping candy filled the room while honeydew melon soap confetti appeared. The honeydew melon confetti seemed pointless, I don't know why you'd want to scoop up and wash with slimy dehydrated fruit? However for once this confetti didn't stick to my body and eventually dissolved. There's no better way to describe this product other than it smells exactly how you'd imagine Lush to. Mix together Avobath & Champagne Supernova and you have the tangerine & bergamot scented Party Popper. 
Though it may not have the smartest design for shipping (several smashed orders) Party Popper still started off the festivities with a big ole fizz! Apologises for the awful winter lighting. Have you tried one yet? 


  1. The water looks pretty but the soap would annoy me x

    1. It's not *too* annoying, but I can see how so many would hate it. Its so odd. x

  2. Hated the confetti in it D: It was annoying as and it looked grim D: But otherwise, not /terrible/ but not a repurchase for me!

    Lizzums x


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