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Wash! Skincare Products // Review

I didn't think I'd be sat down at my macbook so excited and raving about wash cloths, but I am. Most of you will be familiar with muslin cloths and how they're quite the hype in the blogging community I however don't get on with them. They're incredibly thin, stain easily, don't retain heat & after one use I might as well chuck them out because they never return to their original state. 
For quite some time now I've been using Washi products, I could have easily sat down and wrote a review after my first few uses but I wanted to see how they all washed, dried and performed after. The Washi brand has been designed with inspiration from Louise's time spent in the Far East observing their skin care. Louise set about finding a manufacturer and designing every little bit of Washi which is Japanese for organic hand made paper used for origami. Packaging has even been designed to suit personal taste, males and work places such as spa's & hotel's. Washi cloths sit in between both muslin and micro fibre flannels, they're made from the finest pure cotton around. The hot cloths have been designed to reach target areas such as your eyes & nose to remove all traces of makeup as well as the hairline while the white cotton towels compliment them to bring a little extra to your routine when your skin is looking dull. Size and texture were important issues for both products, needing to be the right thickness so they dry fast, hygienically & still work efficiently. 
Take your Washi hot cloth and your favourite cleanser, mine is currently Amie, Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash. Start applying and working your cleansing around your face before dampening your cloth in warm water before polishing off. You can use these cloths to remove cleanser, makeup, face masks, face scrubs, oils and serums before you apply your moisturiser. They're also great for tanning products, from hairlines, hands and feet, while being thin enough to get between your toes, fingers. Of course you can use them with any hot cloth cleanser, I find the cloths keep the heat a lot longer than Muslin cloths. Muslin cloths would be cold by the time I'd walked from the bathroom to my bedroom.
To use a Washi Skin Polishing Towel you simply splash water onto your face and neck before gathering up a section of the towel and lightly use circular motions to gently polish your skin and repeat as needed.
The Spiral Cotton Buds were a lovely surprise in my package and something I hadn't come across before. Louise is actually the only UK retailer and spotted them while in Japan - A LOT has gone into Washi. I use mine to remove clumsy mascara smudging, nail fix ups & any other mistakes. The spiral design not only looks cute but it definitely makes clean ups quicker and more effective.
I go through one Washi hot cloth a day, each morning after using it I rinse in hot water before leaving it to dry then that evening after I've completed my skin care routine into the wash it goes. Whether you wash them at 30-40 degrees or 60 each and every wash the cloths come out just like their original new state with not a single stain. The polishing towel doesn't need washing as often due to the fact I don't use every day, nor do I for removing makeup but it is recommended to not use fabric conditioner.
Since day one of adding these products to my routine I not only noticed an improvement in how my skin felt but how it looked. Washi products have gently polished away dry skin, makeup, dirt & given me a healthy glow in return. Paired with a good facial product or used as a hot cloth cleanser I have my very own spa at home, especially when I use the polishing towel. I've also started going without foundation on occasion, without a single worry and a little concealer for any minor breakout if I ever have any.
I'd highly recommend adding Washi to your routine, throw away those nasty flannels & muslin cloths because you too will be amazed I'm sure. I especially love how proud Louise is and how much hard work she's put into designing them & the brand. The little finishing touches of how my packaged arrived - wrapped in pink and green tissue, ribbons, letter and complete with a sheet of Washi stickers & miniature card. Louise you have me hooked for life.


  1. Gosh! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review of our little cloths! x
    I'm so very happy that you're enjoying using our products...... I can be a bit like an overly proud Mummy sometimes, so I have to stop myself getting too carried away. That's why it's an absolute treat to have you share my enthusiasm!
    A million thanks, and Christmas hugs to you
    Louise xxxx


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