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Recently FashionistA got in touch after relaunching onto the MUA online store asking if I'd like to create 'The Lucyy Writes Palette'. Already familiar with their trusty 4 pan palettes I couldn't wait to create another. This customisable palette is FashionistA trademark product in my eyes despite having a vast collection of other products you may have previously seen on Lucyy Writes. Since picking my original they've even added a 6 pan palette - perfect for travelling light.
Custom four pan palettes come in two shades, black with FashionistA printed all over and metallic red. Now that I own both options I do prefer the red option, it seems to stay much cleaner than black. As I've stated before on my blog the only negative on the palette is that you buy the products in cases...once placed into each of the wells you're left with casing lying around...or in my case to be binned. However I do love that each well has a centre hole not only allowing easy removal but also easy to see what shade I'm using for further blog posts.
To fill The Lucyy Writes Palette I opted for three blushers and one bronzer, all of which weigh in with 2.5g of product a reasonable amount considering how pigmented, non chalky and affordable each and every shade is. Bronzers however are hard to find when you're pale. They're either full of shimmer or incredibly orange, until Paris popped through the letterbox. This matte shade looks great on my pale skin when paired with Vichy's Idealia BB Cream fetching quite a few compliments for my 'lovely skin'. After I'd selected my bronzer I opted for a matte blush, saving the last two pans for my favourite merged blushers from FashionistA. Glowing - Shade 11 makes a lovely every day blush, I adore dusty rose shades on pale skin. Next I stupidly went for New York - a blush I already own. Though despite this since being a merged/baked blush it looks completely different to my well used original. The second merged blush, Milan is by far brighter with much more shimmer.


  1. These look so lovely. The baked blushers are so beautiful, I'd buy them just to look at them.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Oh wow - how cool?! I'd love to build my own palette like that! The baked blusher looks gorgeous.

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  3. That bronzer sounds brill, I hate that they are always very shimmery or orange. I'm not very pale but still struggle to find a good matte bronzer. xx

  4. I love the custom FashionistA palettes, yours is gorgeous! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle


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