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Here in the UK we've been struck with a ridiculous long heatwave compared to our usual summers of flooding and need to hibernate. Instead we're all flocking to the nearest beaches, large parks and sunning ourselves at BBQ's while it lasts. I thought I'd share some of my essentials when it comes to those times, especially sun protection.
LYDC are known for their on trend and affordable range of handbags. Each bag I've owned have always impressed me with high quality and attention to detail. With plenty of designs on offer at Brand Village - handbag heaven to you and I, I ended up welcoming the Tote Bag in Camel complete with adjustable/removable shoulder strap, cream trim and twin woven handles. I'd recently welcomed another bag, one by Fiorelli featured in my latest What's in my bag blog post. I'd almost ordered the tan addition but thankfully didn't. Out of the two I prefer the quality of LYDC, it's a much sturdier bag, though it makes up for it in weight. If you're limited to hand luggage allowance then this bag wouldn't be for you. The over all classic shape and branded logo reminds me very much of a MK number, minus the excessive price tag. Ideally I would have preferred the bag itself to have a few zip pockets inside like my others but you can pick up bag organisers in most places. I also pack most items into makeup bags so I'm not the girl rummaging around in her handbag for the keys. Overall I really like this bag and can't wait to show you how much it holds! If I don't use the bag out and about I'm using it carry my 'office' into the garden. 
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.
When it comes to sunbathing I'll apply my factor 50, grab my ipod, phone and a book. Despite loving my iPad I'd feel safer with a book at hand and my old ipod. Billy and Me is my latest book purchase, though I haven't had the time to sit down and read it just yet. La Roche Posay, Anthelios XL appears in yet another post!? This SPF Oil is simply incredible, it soaks in, moisturises and most importantly I haven't burnt. The entire family has been reaching for this, negatives of living at home! Even my own Dad has wandered into my room in search for this and therefore Anthelios XL has to live downstairs now when it's not in my bag. If only they made smaller bottles.... If I'm by a pool salt spray is an essential, without this the chances of my hair drying curly are slim. L'oreal surprised me with this product, it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or drying in my hair. Denman's scented hair brush - in Green Apple. It smells so strongly of fresh apples, my bag smells heavenly. Lush Eau Roma Water has been in every beach bag of mine since Lush first came to town, tones, refreshes and goes a long way.
As for makeup, I'm not one to always touch up my makeup. Other's I'm sure frown upon wearing makeup by the pool. Sadly not all of us look our best makeupless. Vichy's BB Cream is another reappearing product, one I'll repurchase. Rimmel's Accelerator Endless Mascara isn't labeled as really should be. If I'm not wearing a full face of makeup I need my brows filled in, shaped and set with a kit from FashionistA. My last makeup staple, Burt's Bees tinted lip balms rather than the hassle of keeping applications of lipstick. Why I have a mirror when the kit contains one I'll never know but it doesn't hurt to be prepared....along with glittering nail files.
Hand Maid will always be one of the most reached for products when away from home, you'll always catch me applying this not only to kill bateria but beacause it smells incredible...and it's pink! I'm always one to injure themselves hence the plaster and my latest obsession Popbands's. The largest sunglasses I own are cheap sunnies from Dorothy Perkins, can't forget the paracetamol's, Caspar doesn't deal with a lot of sun. What would we expect to find in your bag this summer? Lucy xx


  1. A scented hair brush?! That is amazing, I didn't even know they existed! ^.^; Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too!

    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^

  2. Love the bag! Would love to know what you think of billy and me. Been considering getting it x

  3. Your bag is gorgeous, the LRP oil sounds really good.x


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