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Lucyy Bakes // Crustless Egg Custards

I've another Slimming World friendly blog recipe for you all today, one that's been a hit with the SW goer and the rest of us. Usually you wouldn't catch me eating Egg Custards but these crestless Egg Custards have hit the right spot, especially warm out of the oven. From looking on the site there's two ways to make them, this recipe and another, which I also tried out this past weekend. Out of the two we all prefer the lower syn version, it's certainly tastier. The entire recipe is fool proof, you simply mix all the ingredients into a bowl, before pouring onto a tray of your choice. I recommend silicone since they pop straight out. Bake until golden brown, be warned though soon after they shrink. It was a race to get the photo's before they halved. Despite this they're delicious.
Ingredients - 1 Vanilla Muller Light, 1tsp Vanilla Essence, 3tbsp Stevia, 6 Eggs. Syn free I believe? ;) Let me know if you have a go at making these, blog posts could be out of 'schedule' still, my Macbook seems to hate me with yet another problem. Lucy xx

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  1. Definitely going to pass this recipe onto my sister as she's a slimming world goer and always having a go at the different recipes! Looks yummy :) x


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