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Lush // Butterbear review

an image of lush butterbear bath bomb
an image of lush butter bear review
an image of Lush Butterbear review
Each year a few of our most loved Lush products receive a new identity to appear in the Christmas line up, with Butterbear being an excellent example. The gentle bath bombs regular form is Butterball, the petite bath bomb with no colour except a few speckles from the large amount of cocoa butter packed inside him. Usually the little guy arrives for the winter period as a Snowman, but I have to say the bear is even harder to resist...especially when you notice the significant price difference between Butterbear £1.95 & Butterball £2.65

Upon entering the water Butterbear won't do much, sure he fizzes but he hasn't a coloured centre waiting to explode, not even a sprinkle of glitter. Though your bathroom is soon filled with the most delicious of vanilla-chocolaty fragrance that lingers on your skin long after your relaxing soak. Lush have included Ylang Ylang Oil too, which is an aromatherapy oil used to treat stress, depression and even help reduce panic and fear. The cocoa butter that's been packed into the bath bomb melts instantly into the water, soothing and nourishing your dry skin without leaving a sticky film on your body. Butterbear or Butterball is gentle enough if you suffer from Eczema and irritations, perfect for children and a wonderful pick me up for us adults. Sometimes you just need a Butterbear hug and boy has Butterball seen me through enough bad days.

Boxing Day sees Lush's famous 50% off sale...or so I assume. If there are any Butterbear's left online I'll be ordering a years supply. Who can blame me? My favourite winter bath treat will be under £1 per bath bomb. Have you picked up a Butterbear yet? Lucy x


  1. This sounds loveeely! I'm a huge ylang ylang fan, it's so sweet and soothing! Cannot wait for the 50% off sale, gonna go a bit mad I think!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

    1. Who can blame us right!? It'll be like a second Christmas when the online orders arrive :)

  2. I love the Butterbear and this is beautifully written!

    1. I feel as if Butterbear is more moisturising than Butterball too!? Thank you so much xx

  3. I have yet to try this baby out! But I can't wait for it; it's on my stash, ready to be used. c:


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