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The Best Foodie Stocking Fillers // 2014

an image of food stocking fillers 2014
an image of food stocking fillers 2014
an image of hope and greenwood christmas bon bons
an image of food stocking fillers 2014
an image of food stocking fillers 2014
Having shared plenty of beauty themed gifts and stocking fillers I thought it'd be quite nice to share some of my favourite wintry themed goodies that I've picked up to put into family stockings. Each year I always tell my Mum that I don't want any sweets or chocolates, then about a week until the big day, after seeing so many of you Instagram Christmas goodies I totally take back what I've said. Do any of these tasty treats take your fancy? Lucy xx

Hope & Greenwood Christmas Bon Bon's | Next £6
These were an extra purchase while making an online order on Next. I hadn't noticed Next selling Hope & Greenwood items in the past, I was a huge fan of their recent show & wish for another series in the new year. The Bon Bon's are Gingerbread Latte & Mince Pie flavour, I can't believe how little I've seen of them on my time line, being Gingerbread Latte I thought bloggers would be all over them :P 

Thornton's Cherry Bakewell + Salted Pistachio + Ginger chocolate bars | £2.25
Also another spur of the moment purchase for someone when I was browsing my local Yankee & Thornton's store were these three little bars. I've picked them up before for my Dad, he absolutely loved them. They make for a great present stacked up and tied with some festive ribbons. I'm hoping to steal some of the Salted Pistachio come Christmas Day.

Nakd Gingerbread bar | Sainsburys £0.75
I'm so annoyed with myself right now, I thought I'd picked up the Christmas Pudding Nakd bar alas Sainsburys had filled the box with Gingerbread flavour. Thankfully whose stocking it's going in, like Gingerbread and it won't go to waste. Plus Nakd bars are SO SO good, I was sent a giant box of them before Christmas one year....we demolished them between the four of us.

Mini Gingerbread Men McVitie's
How adorable are these boxes of Mini Gingerbread men covered in chocolate? Again these are going in the Gingerbread fanatics stocking and were only a £1. Needless to say this will be their breakfast come Christmas day.

Beanies Instant Coffee Gingerbread flavour | Sainsburys £2.50
After seeing a lot about Beanies on every time line & subscription list I decided to pick up one of each coffee type. Pictured above is the Gingerbread instant coffee while I also picked up the Cinder Toffee flavour in Ground Coffee. Both retail for £2.50, sound delicious and make me want to like coffee. Who knows I may be converted? They're ultra low calorie at just 2 per serving & I'll pick more flavours up if you can use them in baking.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis Exploding Candy | Sainsburys £1.50 now £0.75
Christmas isn't Christmas without Terry's Chocolate Orange & the more varieties the better right? Exploding Candy is by far the favourite in our household with original coming closely behind. It's so hard to go shopping with everywhere having them on offer...they seem to slip into the trolley every time.

Milk Chocolate Brussels Sprouts | Sainsburys £1
The only chance of getting myself and my brother eating Brussels is to make them of the chocolate kind, well done Sainsburys. A little Christmas novelty hasn't hurt anyone. You're never too old to enjoy.

Chocolate Tool Kit | Sainsburys £3
My last item and yet another novelty item to shove into Stockings. I've picked this up to go in my Dad's to be from Harry our little puppy for all the fixing & puppy proofing to the house he's done. He'll find it amusing. My Mum has their chocolate sewing kit going in hers due to the amount of stitching to his toys & beds.


  1. I very much need to feel I must visit some of these shops this week and get some of these products (for me mind, not to share!)

    1. haha, I hope you managed to fit a trip in!! x


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