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an image of Harry and Mollie the westies
It's been just over a month since little Mollie moved in and took over the house - including all of Harry's belongings. Harry seems to have gotten over the fact that we decided to get him a little sister and the pair seem to be BFF's. In true 'sibling style' there are times (mainly in the morning) when Mollie wakes hours before he usually would & he retreats to behind the sofa to avoid her jumping all over his face - it's also world war three if she decides to creep behind too. He's also learnt that Mollie can't and isn't allowed up the stairs, so the mischief runs up them and lays there calling to her at the bottom while she stamps her teeny tiny paws. Oh and this week Harry was finally reunited with our Grandma who had been in hospital since May - she also hadn't met Mollie yet. Seeing them definitely brightened the tough time she's going through. So just as I did with Harry I thought it'd be lovely to share what the pair get up to on LW, nothing brightens the office on Thursday afternoon than *adorable* puppies right? Lucy, Harry & Mollie xox

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