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Monthly Favourites August // 2015

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How are we in September already!? It doesn't seem long ago that I was celebrating turning 21 and now we're planning our AW wardrobes and counting the weekends until Christmas. Yep. I've mentioned the C word, my inbox has been flooded with Christmas events and press releases since June. Summer was pretty much written off for our family with my Grandma being seriously ill and our household definitely taking the brunt of everything - my Mum deserves several breaks. Having not written a monthly favourites in so long I've a lot of miscellaneous products to share with you guys, a fair amount are food related, eating - the only thing we just about have enough time to do.

Batiste have recently launch their Stylist range, they've branched out from dry shampoo and have a whole host of products for us. Two products to have blown me away are the Heat & Shine Spray and the Frizz Tamer. I didn't expect much for an aerosol heat spray but it's pretty incredible, my hair looks SO shiny and smooth every time I straighten - with the Frizz Tamer making all the difference when you've hair with a mind of it's own. If you're yet to try out the new addition I'd suggest running out to the shops this weekend. I've been hooked on the Coconut range from The Body Shop this summer with the body butter being the product to have gotten me hooked. I was gifted a 100ml bottle of Vera Wang Princess for my birthday back in July. I always used to wear it, then stopped because I always associated bad memories with the scent, recently I've been loving it again. You either love or hate this fragrance but I always receive compliments when wearing it. Another product from The Body Shop that I've used every single day has been the Vitamin E Face Mist, I mist this once I've finished my base makeup and it all seems to stay put much longer. After loving the foundation from Joan Collins' line Timeless Beauty I was lucky enough to sample the matching concealer. It's honestly the best concealer I've ever used, JC knows her stuff. I've a round up post of my favourite concealers coming up shortly, obviously this one will be taking the spotlight for under eye concealing. Last week I wrote a short blog post about the new squeezable form of Burt's Bees original lip balm. It's a much more hygienic way to keep your lips hydrated, has a slight tingle but doesn't burn my lips like others would. Bath and Shower product wise I've loved the, The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush, I've been having a rough time with my implant and always call on this bubble bar when I'm crippled up with stomach cramps. Another sweet treat has been the Almond Tart Shower Gel from Treacle Moon, it literally smells just like the food and the scent lasts all day long.

There's been a lot of food and drinks items to have won me over this month with my absolute favourite being the limited edition Innocent fruit and veg smoothie in Perfectly Pink. In the past I'd found Innocent smoothies to be really thick where as Perfectly Pink isn't, with a combination of Apple, Pear and Beetroot. Following the beetroot theme I've also loved having the We Squeeze The Purple One Apple & Beetroot juice which has just popped up in supermarkets nearby. I finally managed to find some time to do a spot of baking, I decided to make my famous Banana, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Chip Giant Cookie Cake. Unfortunately the oven broke a couple days later and we're facing the bank holiday without a main oven!? Who knew it was so hard to get a quality oven delivered. Gluten Free wise I've been fond of the Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Organic Rice Cake Thins, basically super thin rice cakes with a thick layer of chocolate over them. It's SO hard to find a decent amount of gluten free snacks/foods in my town. Stores get a product in once and never again.

It's been about a month since Mollie moved in and I've loved every single moment of it - even when she wakes at 5am, steals my shoes and attempts to eat my Macbook charger. Harry & Mollie have bonded so well, whether or not it's because they're related with Harry technically her Uncle OR that they're just the sweetest little dogs you could ask for. I feel so lucky to have two cuties to not only make me smile every day but also everyone they meet. In-between the puppy training I've found time to keep up with Devious Maids season three, thank you to those wonderful Americans who upload to youtube each week. The finale was a little disappointing, with so many questions left unanswered  -hopefully the series gets renewed. It's been a month of things breaking, with my beloved Iconemesis iPhone 6 case I previously wrote a post about was late and I forgot I had my phone in my back hit my hard flooring and the corner chipped off, thankfully the phone was in one piece. Having shared my love for the material/finish they use I hopped on over to the website and ordered another while they had a sale on, this time opting for a different design. In August I also teamed up with Cheerz for a review and giveaway, I loved being able to create custom products with my favourite snaps, you can find the blog post here. Debenhams were also kind enough to send me a beautiful bouquet, I opted for the Cornish Rose display which lasted for an impressive 10 days. I've also finally managed to make my own Media Kit for LW, I'm so pleased with how professional it's turned out. What have you been loving this month?
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  1. So excited for the Christmas ranges, I don't even care! I love the new Batiste range, so much great volume for my limp hair :) Great post!

  2. Ahhh i wrote a whole comment and lost it. :( - frizz tamer sounds amazing. My hair also tends to be out of control </3 and omg, talk about a near death experience with your phone :o xx

    1. I know right, so lucky!! I'm so clumsy of late. x


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