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Lush // Santa's Belly Shower Jelly review

an image of Santa's Belly Shower Jelly review
an image of Santa's Belly Shower Jelly review

an image of Santa's Belly Shower Jelly review
How are we into  December already!? I feel so behind, usually we've decorated the house throughout, instead the decorations are still sat in the attic. If you read my previous Lush Christmas review you'll have read how we've all become fans of the festive Shower products this year rather than the bath bombs & bubble bars. Last year I actually did enjoy the Snowman Shower Jelly - which although it's returned it's newcomer Santa's Belly (£3.95 100g) that managed to make it's way into my basket after I heard it shared it's fragrance with one of my 2014 favourites.

If you're not familiar with Lush Shower Jellies, they're basically a shower gel in jelly form, which you can either break into pieces or use whole. I haven't always been a huge fan of Shower Jellies, when I first got into Lush I'd buy the occasional jelly but honestly I would struggle to use them up. Shower Jellies have improved greatly since I first set eyes on them, nowadays you'll find your Lush Jellies pre-weighed to two different weights, both packaged in clear plastic pots. Staff no longer cut a piece to your size nor pack them in cardboard boxes that would always leak on the way home - saying that Santa's Belly does seem a little more leak-prone than others. I did however pick up the alcohol containing option rather than alcohol free which is why I'm going to assume it was a little more watery than others I've used.

As mentioned Santa's Belly shares it's scent with So White, which last year was available in shower gel form as well as a bath bomb. Until I heard about Santa's Belly I was saddened to hear there would be no So White shower gel this year, we went through so many bottles & come Boxing Day were on the phone ordering plenty more. There's honestly no better apple scent out there, it's completely different to what you'd expect. I expected a 'zingy' crisp apple scent with it containing fresh apple juice & bergamot oil, though the rose absolute seems to soften & create such a delicate fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours. Lush have also thrown in star anise & vegan red wine, which is replaced with fresh grape juice if you opt for the alcohol free version. Considering I was debating whether to pick up the alcohol free version in case it dried my skin out I haven't had an issue. A creamy lather is created effortlessly, the scent lingers for hours after & inside the red jelly you'll find golden stars just in case you weren't feeling festive enough already. Lucy x

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