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Lush // The Icing on the Cake Roulade Review

an image of The Icing on the Cake Roulade Review
an image of The Icing on the Cake Roulade Review
Back in the summer Lush launched a whole new collection of products for their Oxford Street store opening while some of the existing products received makeovers. It was their shower smoothies, new and old that were transformed into roulades, compared to their regular cream formula & black pot packaging. The idea of the roulades was to obviously save on packaging and making usage that little bit easier. Having yet to try the roulades I decided to try out the festive edition before it was too late & to see if I'd be purchasing the regular's in the New Year.

So what is a shower smoothie roulade? Shower Smoothies have been designed as a 'cheat' product. If you hate moisturising after a bath or shower and find the time waiting for the product to sink in a waste of time, these guys are for you. The formula of these 'rolls' are much more firm, with a harder - soap consistency 'skin' keeping the roulade together. Grab your bar and rub over damp skin, creating a rich lather which then can be rinsed off. Your skin should be left feeling nourished, scented with one of Lush's beautiful scents & you've saved yourself all that valuable time getting ready.

The Icing on the Cake is a limited edition roulade, don't expect to see this guy around in the New Year. I was intrigued to try this one after I heard it shared it's scent with boozy Ponche - a past Christmas shower gel I really adored. This time around the scent isn't quite as boozy yet still packs a punch. There's almond milk to create that creamy lather and texture, chestnut puree if this wasn't festive enough already and delicate almonds to soften your skin, mildly and I really mean MILDY exfoliate while the fresh orange, lime and lemon peel give that citrus scent I became so fond of. There's also a generous helping of cocoa butter to moisturise the skin, leaving skin softened and glowing.

Now I'll be honest, The Icing on the Cake wasn't always for me. At first I found the product to be quite drying on the skin and it left that squeaky clean feeling - kind of like nails down a touch. After a few more uses I decided I couldn't let go of it, I became quite the fan. My skin felt hydrated, that 'squeaky' feeling left - you still get a little 'film' like feel to your skin but it soon disappears when out the shower. My skins feeling SO soft and I've loved having a product carry the wonderful Ponche fragrance again. The bar lasted for so long, I'm on the very last remains - yet a creamy lather is created every time. Lucy x

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  1. I recently received a sample of this with a purchase I made and I was a little unsure about it like you were in the beginning. I love the fragrance and I feel like it really translates well on the skin. I found myself catching a whiff of myself, hours after I'd showered. My only issues were that it gets really slippery and maybe I'm just super clumsy, but I kept dropping it when I was using it! Plus, as I was using it, I found smaller chunks would fall off and I'd end up having to throw them away. I know that lots of packaging isn't the best but I didn't have anywhere to store this either and I felt like it wasn't worth the fuss. It's a shame because as I said, the product itself and the scent are to die for!!

    Kirsty - Life in Excess


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