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Lush // Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review

an image of Lush Yog Nog bath bomb review
an image of Lush Yog Nog bath bomb review
an image of Lush Yog Nog bath bomb review
an image of Lush Yog Nog bath bomb review
Can you believe we're already a weekend into December? Before we know it the big day will have been and gone. Over the weekend I finally made time to get to work on using the bath products I featured in my last Lush Christmas Haul. In need of an uplifting fragrance I decided on Yog Nog bath bomb (£3.95), whom we were big fans of the fragrance last year when it was only available as a soap.

I've been so reluctant to use my Yog Nog bath bomb, ever since I've brought it home with me it's been filling the room with it's delightful scent. With the texture of it getting more powdery I decided to finally chuck this guy into the bath tub. From the outside you'd expect a normal bath bomb experience, it's just a golden bath bomb embossed with festive shapes? There's actually a lot more to Yog Nog, in fact I'd say three parts. The yellow section of the bath bomb is your regular bath bomb mix, turning your waters bright yellow - literally border line neon. The white section creates more of a froth, a creamy layer sits on top of your bath water. Lastly, hidden away in the centre you'll find a bath melt/oil of Shea Butter which helps to create the most luxurious Lush bath experience you'll have this Christmas.

If you haven't been in a Lush store to sample the scent of Yog Nog I urge you to. It's honestly one of the best fragrance Lush have created, it's such an addictive toffee scent with Ylang Ylang and Clove Oil leaving you feeling warm & cosy. I didn't really notice the slight lustre shimmer once the bath bomb had dissolved in the water, a bonus when it comes to cleaning your bath after. This one really didn't require much rinsing. If you're looking for a bath bomb for the cold, frosty evenings ahead of us Yog Nog is your guy. You could also easily get two baths out of this bath bomb. Lucy x

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  1. Yog Nog looks like such a pretty bath bomb - I really must pick this up before the festive season is over!

    Lucy |


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