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Lush // The Comforter Shower Cream Review

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In previous blog posts I mentioned Lush launched a whole host of new products when they opened their Oxford Street store. Slowly some of the products made their way online & into our local stores. The one product I was intrigued to try out was The Comforter Shower Cream (£4.95 per 100g), having used The Comforter bubble bar (£4.95) since I was at secondary school.

While Shower Creams may be packaged just like the regular Shower Gel's from Lush, they do differ ever so slightly. The formula is much thicker, not so much *creamy* but thicker. They're a lot more pigmented, with the comforter having a little shimmer to the mix - nothing that will stick to your skin but enough to make it look pretty when standing in your bathroom. I find they don't lather as much as a shower gel however the lather they create is creamy, feels more luxurious and definitely leaves the skin feeling nourished and scented beautifully. Out of the two shower creams I picked out I prefer The Comforter. As much as I love the incredible scent of Lord of Misrule it didn't create as much lather.

If you aren't familiar with The Comforter it's the ultimate sweet/fruity fragrance, totally different to the likes of Snow Fairy with it's distinctive scent of Ribena due to containing Cassis Absolute and uplifting Bergamot. I would always purchase the bubble bar as a teen, in time for the time of the month. There was nothing better than to come home after a horrid day of cramps, to then jump into a hot bubble bath, overflowing with bubbles - the bar stretches a long, long way. Both the bubble bar and shower cream are items I'd happily see in my Christmas Stocking - especially now Lush do 1kg bottles. Who else loves The Comforter?  Lucy xx

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