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an image of breville Blend Active review
an image of breville Blend Active review
an image of breville Blend Active review
an image of breville Blend Active review
You might remember that I once started the series Lucyy Blends on LW, where I shared a couple smoothie/slush recipes. I soon fell out of love for making smoothies, seasons changed, posts were left in my drafts and using such a large blender became quite the chore. All has changed recently after I decided to finally pick myself up a Breville Blend Active.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Blend Active from Breville, the personal blender that everyone seems to be talking about. Competing with so many other blenders on the market it's definitely the fun and stylish design of the Blend Active that's winning us all over, not to mention the price. You can quite easily pick up the twin bottle Blend Active in your local supermarkets and Amazon for around £20. Designed to create smoothies and shakes without the fuss, you can blend and go, taking your smoothie to work or the gym in a matter of a minute. Simply switch the blades for a lid.

Blend Active is so easy to use, fill your bottle up with fruit, veg, supplements and your choice of water, juice or milk. Screw on the blades and lock into your blender unit. There's no need to worry about which button does what with the Blend Active, there's only one. The blades easily crush ice, allowing you to create a whole host of healthy drinks - and some not so healthy. What may look like a small blender is actually super powerful, yet takes up very little room on your worktop.

Being the marketers dream that I am, I opted for the limited edition Pink that Breville launched some time last year. They also launched a blue, which I would of picked up had they ran out of pink. There's even an orange. Of course the most popular is their original green, which retails for a little less than the other options, as well as being available in a family pack consisting of the unit and four bottles - two 600ml & two 300ml. I do wish that Breville sold the 300ml bottles separately, as they do with the 600ml bottles. I personally easily fill up a full 600ml though when I've made them for others, not everyone is so keen to have such a 'large' smoothie.

Each 600ml bottle is durable, odour and taste resistant. They're also leakproof thanks to the superseal leakproof lid which also contains the easy pour/wide spout whether you're drinking on the go or decanting your latest blend into your favourite cup. Personally I always decant as I always like to use straws. The portable & easy grip bottles fit into the majority of car drink holders, along with bike cup holders. Just like the blades, the bottles are also safe to go in the dishwasher. Oh and if you're accident prone like myself you'll be pleased to hear they're also shatterproof due to being made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester.

Having owned the Blend Active for a few weeks I'm really impressed. For the price I paid you can't go wrong. I've used the blender most days, usually making smoothies in both bottles every time. After a week of watching myself and my Mum enjoying the smoothies I was creating, my Dad even came around to the idea. Whilst he took care of the breakfast wraps, I whipped up the smoothie of his choice - totally taking away the goodness of a smoothie right? If this carries on I'll definitely be grabbing a couple extra bottles. I've not had any trouble blending up any of my ingredients. It coped very well blending up a whole variety of fruit, frozen fruit, vegetables and ice. I'm yet to add nuts into my smoothies though with how well it's blending I can only imagine I'll have no issues. It's also not as noisy as expected, compared to my larger blender it definitely is a little quieter and works much quicker. I've read that many people use their Blend Actives for soups and sauces, the bottles would be perfect to keep your soup safe until your lunch break.

Since I'm enjoying using my Blend Active I've decided to finally restart my Lucyy Blends tag, armed with my favourite Smoothie App alongside Pinterest, I've been whipping up plenty of concoctions & adjusting as I go. Are you guilty of not getting your 5 a day? Lucy x

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